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Distance Nutritional Therapy now available at Grokette’s Primal Musings

After offering my services to locals, I would like to extend a special offer to distance clients. Nutritional Therapy can work for you, even if you can’t see me in person.

For a FREE 20 minute consultation simply call (503)877-5110. During this consultation we’ll find out if Nutritional Therapy is something you’d like to try.

I look forward to talking to you.


Nutritional Therapy and Reiki now offered by Grokette

UteMitchellRemember your last big accomplishment? That thrill of finishing something that is so huge and important to you, that you know it will change your life forever? It is the most amazing feeling in the world, and I am so happy to announce my big new step into the right direction. After years of researching, studying, discovering healthy nutrition, I have turned my passion into my career. As of today, I proudly carry the title Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

With this new title and the skills I have learned in the past year, I will offer my services to you.

Call for a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to find out if Nutritional Therapy is something you could benefit from. (503)877-5110.

Looking for an hour of complete peace and relaxation? Are you looking to leave your worries behind? I am a certified Reiki practitioner, and I look forward to offering this beautiful treatment to you.

Reach me at 503-877-5110 or send an e-mail to grokettesmusings@gmail.com.

I look forward to serving you.

Dear Egg,

eggyesterday, I had to defend you once again. People are slowly starting to accept you as a health food, but there are still plenty of them out there, who just don’t know you well enough to understand what a great little powerhouse you are! And then I had this conversation yesterday, when a woman called you a “useless dairy product”. Of course, I asked her why she would think that you are a dairy product at all. And she said, it was because you were sold in the dairy section right next to the milk. Given the choice, she’d rather buy the milk, because milk is “good for your your bones. Eggs just give you high cholesterol.” Can you believe such ignorance, little Egg?

Of course, I tried telling her that you are not dairy. And I also tried telling her that, when bought from happy chickens, who get to eat grass and bugs, you are full of great nutrients like: omega 3s, choline, selenium, biotin, carotenoids, manganese, Vitamin B12, iodine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and so much more! 

But she insisted, that your cholesterol hurts her body, and that she will not eat more eggs than absolutely necessary. I pointed out studies to her, that found no link between egg consumption and increased cholesterol. But, little Egg, at that point, I think I lost her already. I think, in her mind she had already wandered over to the cereal aisle where she would go and find enriched something or other cereal, fiber rich, and heart healthy. So, I let her go with the recommendation to research the subject a little more, so she can make an informed decision.

Dear Egg, I’m a believer! I have been eating lots and lots of your egg friends over the past three years. My cholesterol is fine, and so is my health. You are, and forever will be, my good friend. I love you hard boiled, fried, scrambled, as an omelet, quiched, or really, any way you are served.

Speaking of which, time for breakfast.

I love you,