Paleo Resources
Of course I’m going to list this page here, since I work for FastPaleo. This recipe sharing website was started by James Gregory in 2011, and it has grown into a huge resource for paleo and primal folks around the world. With thousands of recipes and tens of thousands of fans, this is the ultimate go-to page for anyone who loves to cook.

Chris Kresser
I love Chris Kresser. He is extremely knowledgable, down to Earth, and really does his research. And he writes posts that are understandable to regular people like me. Vitamin D, cholesterol, red meat, oils, calcium, magenesium, BPA… you’ll find great information on all of these subjects right there on his page.

Mark’s Daily Apple
Mark Sisson’s website is the very first page I checked out when I made the switch to paleo. I spent hours reading his great, informative posts, and tons of success stories. He updates is blog daily, so you’ll never run out of stuff to read!

The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate
Who doesn’t Hayley Mason and Bill Staley. Aside from the the fact that they are an incredibly cute couple, they also have a fantastic website! Their cookbooks Make it Paleo and Gather are wildly popular and gorgeous! Their website offers a ton of information, a meal plan, a kitchen app, and so much more. Awesome!

The Whole9
Dallas and Melissa Hartwig are all about health, nutrition, and a little bit of tough love. Their 30 day challenge Whole30 is known by all in the paleo world, and their book It Starts With Food is a great and easy read. Short chapters, easy to digest information.

Robb Wolf
When I first started reading Robb’s book The Paleo Solution, I was a little intimidated. Robb talks science, and he uses big words. You can’t help but believe him! It’s an excellent book, especially for those of you who dig the science of paleo. Also, his blog is full of great posts, including a ton of guest posts on anything paleo related.

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations
I know I’m only one of many women who absolutely adore George, the Civilized Caveman, who frequently posts great new recipes, and pictures of himself. Also, he loves bacon. The perfect man! 😉

Everyday Paleo
I thoroughly enjoy Sarah Fragoso’s blog. Yes, I also enjoy her cookbooks, but it’s her Facebook posts, that I read and share. Check it out.

Cavegirl Cuisine
My friend, Michelle, owns this page, and I LOVE her! Her recipes are ALL awesome, and it’s no surprise that she’ll be publishing a cookbook. I can’t wait to get my fingers on a copy! Are we there yet?

To be continued…

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