About me


So, who is this Grokette woman anyway? Here’s my quick introduction!

My name is Ute (speak Ootah… yes, that’s important to me, because I have been called all kinds of things, including Yute, Yudi, and Yoda, I kid you not). I am a German citizen, but have lived in the US since early 2000, and I call the Pacific Northwest my home. Yes, it really does rain as much as they say. It’s raining as I type this.

I am married to a somewhat paleo husband (he has to have his beer), and have three more or less paleo kids. I could write a book just about their journey. Can you spell “teenager”? Nuff said.

I also work for FastPaleo.com, undoubtedly the best paleo/primal recipe sharing website. Don’t believe me? Go check it out! It rocks.


Whenever I get a chance I go to Crossfit, where I kill the WODs get killed by the WODs, and while I am neither the fittest nor the strongest, I love the workout, the community, and the friendships at my box (Crossfit name for gym… cool, huh).

I love to cook, so whipping up new recipes or cooking recipes from FastPaleo.com or various paleo cookbooks is like relaxation time in the kitchen… but only if I get to have a glass of wine with it.

And finally, I really am a passionate writer, and I would love to do it much more often. But I’m working on that. Got to get those homeschooled kids out of the house, and then I’ll be zooming right along.

My blog is my outlet. I post my recipes here, and I write about what comes to mind. Often this will be related to sugar and my addiction to it. I hope you enjoy what you find here, and of course I’m happy if you leave a comment to let me know you were here.

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"Grokette's original muse" ~Mark Sisson

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