Dear Butter,

butterrecently, I ordered a “Paleo Bowl” at a local restaurant. I was so happy they had food that I could eat without a care of what was in it. Of course I was a tad bit surprised to see just how low fat it really was. Vegetables and meat taste good. But fat? It makes it delicious.

You know, Butter, this takes me way back into my childhood. When I was a little girl, my grandma invited me to have breakfast with her on Saturday mornings. My parents had already converted to the not so good margarine, but my grandma still used good old You! She would spread a thick layer of you on a breakfast roll, then put another thick layer of raw honey on top. I know, I know, bread is not good for you. But oh, the combination of honey and butter, I will always, always love it.

Back at the local restaurant I took my Paleo Bowl to the counter and asked the young lady behind it, if it was possible to get a side of butter. You won’t believe the look she gave me, Butter. She seemed upset at even the thought that someone would voluntarily ask for butter! But she put on a smile and told me they don’t use butter… at all. That made me stare at the food, and I couldn’t help wondering if they had added any kind of fat at all in the cooking of this meal.

Anyway, I suffered through the rest of the day in class (yes, this was my finals weekend for Nutritional Therapy), knowing that my lack of fatty acids made my brain less receptive for all the information. Also, only two hours after my meal, my stomach was growling. I was so hungry for something fatty!

Butter, I’m so very sorry that so many people still think you’re the bad guy because you’re a saturated fat. They don’t understand that you are full of great fat soluble vitamins, like A, E, and K2!

And saturated fats are actually NOT bad for you. Science has finally caught up and found no link between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease!
I also learned recently, that butyrate in butter, may actually prevent people from gaining weight, and your fasting triglycerides and insulin will actually be lowered! Also, saturated fats with omega 3 and omega 6 actually helps balance inflammation in the body. Wow, Butter, I’m starting to think you’re somewhat of a…. health food!

Of course, when it comes down to it, you’re really just incredibly delicious! When I came home that night, I had a big load of leftover spaghetti sauce with a heap of butter on top. I should always eat spaghetti sauce with butter. Heck, I should put You on bacon… on eggs… on a spoon full of honey… in my tea… in baked goods… You catch my drift!

Anyway, I gotta go. Breakfast is calling. See ya in the fridge!



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