Grokette on Instagram and Twitter

instatwitterYes, I have arrived in the 21st century! You can now find me on Instagram (Username GROKETTESMUSINGS) and on Twitter

After Facebook made it extremely difficult for me to reach my almost 1,400 followers, I decided to go a different route, and see where it takes me.

What you can expect on my blog in the future are a lot more health related posts. I will talk a lot more about digestions, the functions of the various organs, some motivational writing, and of course I’ll share my experiments with food. (Today I’m learning to pickle beets!)

In addition, to support my income, I will occasionally post a review of certain products and place affiliate links on here. Please consider supporting me by using these links when you purchase an item I recommend. 🙂

Finally, I invite you to comment now and then to let me know you’re there. Yes, yes, the stats confirm that you are, but it’ll be so nice to communicate with you, and of course, to understand what you are particularly interested in reading.

Oh…. there will be a giveaway on SATURDAY!

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