Being healthy in the 21st century

vitruvian-man-leonardo-da-vinciImagine a world where you live happily. You live away from stress, anger, and wars. You don’t have to deal with chemicals, GMOs, stressful jobs, rude employers. In this world, you eat what you were made to eat, based on what your ancestors ate many thousands of years ago. Your body, a perfectly functioning organism of cells, tissues, organs, and systems, knows just what to do with the food you eat. It nourishes you, keeps you strong and healthy.

Of course, our reality looks somewhat different. We are always on the go. We start early in the morning, and we power through days, until late at night, we zonk out in front of our televisions with a bottle of beer and a bag of chips. The next day we do it all again, and again, and again. In the process of this evolution, we have forgotten to listen to our voice from within. We have stopped listening to our innate intelligence, that tells us what is good for us. And as we go about our days, eating the wrong food, making sure to function as is expected of us, we start experiencing symptoms, that are treated with prescribed medication from our doctors.

We do not understand, that our ailments may be rooted in this modern lifestyle, in these terrible foods we eat. And we fail to see, that each one of our organs relies on the others. If you look at your digestion as a North to South process, you will recognize, that a problem in your esophagus may be related to a problem in your stomach, which in turn may be related to a problem in your small intestine, which may be related to a problem in your liver/gallbladder and so on. But, because we don’t know this, we don’t take the time to take a step back, to look at the bigger picture. We pop our pills and continue down the same path.

We end up at the doctor’s office, our low fat diet having depleted us of precious fatty acids, our liver overworked from the high and refined carbs, our adrenals shot from our busy lives, when the solution to a majority of our problems could be so simple.

I am not making the case against modern medicine. I know it has its place in our lives, and a very important one at that. My own liver resection is evidence enough to me not to demonize doctors, hospitals, and medication.

But, if you are, like most of us, a “regular, healthy human being”, then your answer may not be medicine. Your answer, your solution, is food, and yes, supplementation. Don’t feel like you have to stick to a strict paleo diet to be healthy. Bioindividuality plays an important role in the foods we can eat and digest. If your ancestors ate certain grains, properly prepared, then you would likely respond well to them also. But take into consideration, that our 21st century wheat cannot be compared to that of even 100 years ago! And what’s also to be considered, is that our wheat in the United States cannot be compared to that in Europe.

Case in point: After giving up wheat, I started reacting with terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. When I go to Germany, I can actually eat bread without these awful side effects. My very non-researched opinion is, that Germans don’t eat GMOs. Granted, after a couple of weeks of indulging in German bread and pastries, I still start feeling bloated and will retain water.

Eating well is a job. It’s true. We actually have to make time every day to come up with meals and then prepare them, too. This takes time, that we may not think we have. But think about it. How much time do you spend on Facebook? How long do you sit on your couch and watch TV. And most importantly, can you really say, that your health is not important enough to make the time to take care of yourself? This includes a healthy ancestral diet and the ability to calm down and relax to give those poor, overworked adrenals a break.

Make YOUR world the beautiful place you want it to be. You, and nobody else can start taking control of your life.



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