Why I’m glad that the Paleo “Diet” was once again ranked last…

The Paleo WarI’m sure you’ve heard it by now. Thanks to the U.S. News & World Report, the paleo “diet” has once again been ranked as the worst diet (though according to them we’re not as bad as the “Cookie Diet” that hasn’t made it onto the list at all), while Weight Watchers, DASH, and others rank right there at the top of the list. My reaction to this last year was bitterness. I couldn’t understand, how a plan like Weight Watchers could rank so high, with all its weighing and counting points every time you put something into your. It is so much easier to eat real food until you’re full and cut out the endless counting of points, calories, fat grams and what not. I wanted to write these experts a letter, informing them how silly I thought they were with their assessment, that paleo was too difficult to follow, or that it might not provide the nutrition I could need.
I was going to attach my blood works to my letter, proving that for years I’ve followed a paleo/primal diet, and the only deficiency they found was Vitamin D. Big shock!

This year, the results made the round again, and were worthy of being mentioned on CNN. As a matter of fact, CNN’s headline is this:

Paleo diet ranks last on “best diets” list

Only, this year, I’m not bitter about it. As a matter of fact, I’m kind of delighted to see this headline, because who better to provide some publicity for us than the arguably biggest and most well known news network in the world? (Trust me, even back in Germany I knew about CNN!) Even the least informed dieter now is aware of the words “paleo diet”, and chances are, that some will look up this odd sounding diet, that requires you to eat *gasp* meat and vegetables, rather than x amount of grains and fortified cereal.

Another reason I’m happy about this ranking is, that paleo is not a diet. Yes, Weight Watchers is. It has a beginning and an end. It costs money, and no person in their right mind will count points for the rest of their life. Or do you see yourself sitting at your dining room table when you’re 75, counting the points for your meat and potatoes? Didn’t think so. Paleo is not a diet, it is a lifestyle (have I mentioned this a few thousand times before?). It is a permanent change. It cannot and should not be compared to Weight Watchers!

As for the convenience factor of paleo, what would you consider convenience? Being able to walk into the store, buy a box of cereal, a box of pasta, a box of rice, all fortified with important nutrients? Paleo is not that convenient. I’ll give you that. It’s more work, it requires more planning. But don’t tell me, that it is difficult to follow. It is not. There is nothing difficult about eating actual real food.

So, keep ranking away, Experts. We shall sit back and watch, as you get just a little bit uncomfortable about us growing and gaining momentum. Sure, we’re small now. We’re still “toddlers” in the world of nutrition. But we are wise beyond our years, and we are a force to be reckoned with.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m glad that the Paleo “Diet” was once again ranked last…”

  1. It definitely takes some forethought and a good chunk of time in the kitchen (more until you figure out your own process/find your groove) but it’s completely freeing. You never have to wonder if you have “room” in your points or your blocks or your macros to eat an apple. Hungry and feel like an apple? Munch away! Little peckish before bed? Have some AB on a spoon and head for bed. It’s SO much easier than trying to balance the everything of the other “diets”.

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