The Incredible Human Body

Muscles-In-The-Human-BodyThe last few times I went to CrossFit I did so on an empty stomach. There was no real purpose behind this except that my husband had told me about how some people do this on purpose for various reasons, that I did not quite understand. What the heck, I tried it anyway, just to see how it made me feel. I noticed no difference in performance, and my initial hunger was quickly replaced by my determination to do my best in this WOD. Back home, I decided to read up on the subject. As you might imagine, Dr. Google provided lots of links, both from a pro and a con perspective on the subject. All had their “scientific studies” to back up their points, and I walked away feeling as smart as I did before.

This led me to think about the human body, and how incredibly adaptable it is. Take Weston A. Price for instance. He traveled the world on his search for perfect teeth, and all over the world he found indigenous tribes with not only great teeth, but also great health in general. The pictures he took are evidence to how healthy these people were, living their simple and sometimes hard lives. No two tribes survived on the same diet. In the Swiss alps he came across people who survived on mostly cheese and sprouted grains, Eskimos ate (you guessed it) mostly fish, walrus, seal, and almost no carbs. In Africa, he met cattle-keeping tribes who thrived on meat, raw milk, and even blood.

I recently found the blog of a vegan woman. She found incredible health after going vegan. I’ve seen pictures. She looks strong and healthy. She is concerned about her protein intake and makes sure not to be deficient in any vitamins. Yes, granted, she relies on B12 supplements, since she doesn’t actually animal products, and of course I cannot speak as a medical professional, and what this way of life will do for her over the course of her life. Of course, if you believe what most scientists say, then we are all deficient in vitamins due to our depleted top soil. I have done my own research and came to the conclusion that paleo is just right for me… with some variations like the occasional quinoa pasta or white rice, and with my own set of nutritional supplements. I also eat yogurt and cheese. I am in great health, and so is my family, even though they are not nearly as strict as I am with what goes into their bodies.

The point I’m making here is that the human body is quite an incredible machine, and we really don’t give it enough credit in our effort to get everything just right. I am no longer willing to make the arrogant statement that only us paleo folk will live long and healthy lives. This is one of several ways to live and eat and be healthy. I will go out on a limb and say, that each person who stops buying into our Standard American Diet (SAD) and goes back to a more traditional way of eating our foods, will see some health benefits. How you find your personal health and well-being just may be an individual discovery, and your body will let you know what it needs, if you listen carefully.



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