Nom Nom Paleo – Food for Humans (A book review)

nomnompaleoI have a confession to make. I rarely use cookbooks. Don’t get me wrong, I do love them! A lot! I go through them, look at all the pretty pictures of food, make all kinds of great plans to cook the meals, and then I put them on the shelf in my pantry, and they kind of just sit there and collect dust. “Make it Paleo” and “The Paleo Slow Cooker” are my go to books for almost all my cooking needs when I don’t get a chance to just look up a recipe on fastpaleo real quick. Occasionally I check out the “The Paleo Chocolate Lovers Cookbook”, because the recipes in that book are out of this world.

And then, my friend Michelle (yay, I just wrote friend!) offered to send me her new cookbook for review, and I happily agreed, because, again, I do LOVE cookbooks. The book arrived in a large-ish box, and I was surprised how heavy it was. The hardcover big red cookbook I held in my hands moments later, came as a surprise. In my whole life I’ve never owned a big, red, hardcover cookbook. This book demanded to be sat down with. I did. I sat down at the dining room table, and next thing I know, it’s a half hour later, and my daughter calls me because it’s time to take her to ballet.

Wow, I was in love. The book’s first pages are filled with pictures of Michelle’s cute as buttons kids and the sweet dedication, “For Owen + Ollie: You are our everything” and a little below that in parentheses “Now go finish your vegetables”. Call me weird, but this awoke my page turner instinct.

The following page yields the Table of Contents. The preface, introduction, chapters 1 through 9, credits, bibliography, metric conversions (this European girl thanks you!), and index.

And then, you dive in. You meet Michelle. You get to know the woman behind Nom Nom Paleo, and you can’t help falling in love with her a little bit, because, well…. she’s just so nice, and because the cute comic strips throughout the book sort of keep your attention! Those comic strips are awesome. And the funny thing is, Michelle really does have those little pig tails. So, yay, I love it. 🙂 The introduction of the book is page after page after page of awesome information on cooking, kitchen tools, ingredients, and stocking your kitchen. You’re a beginner? You’ll find help there. Did you know to blot your meat before you sear it? Do you know your salt? The broiler is not your friend yet? Well, it will be, after you’re done reading the introduction!

You will learn in detail what you should always store in your paleo kitchen… herbs, fruit, salt, capers, coconut aminos and so much more. And then you’ll learn exactly what they all are, and what they’re good for. Yes, you also learn about cooking fats. Because those are so important in the paleo world.

After a thorough introduction, it’s on to the recipes. Each and every recipe is accompanied by a number of pictures, sort of like a progress report. If you’re a beginner, this will be a huge help, as you’ll know exactly what everything “should” look like… and yes, those “roasted bell peppers” really are placed directly onto your gas stove. Heck, you’ll even be taught (by cartoon Michelle) how to make poached eggs that aren’t ugly. Truth be told, I never tried, because I was too scared. I may actually give this a try now. nomnompaleo2

Nom Nom Paleo is chock full of easy to cook meals, dips and sauces, dressings, snacks, desserts and more. The step by step instructions make it easy to follow the recipes, and little cartoon Michelle accompanies you through the book with little pieces of advice and recommendations.

Oh, and then there is a “hearty” surprise at the very end right after the Credits. Definitely check those out. They are super cute.

The verdict: I love this book. I really, really do. I’ve actually bookmarked several recipes that I want to cook. Speaking of bookmark. There is a bookmark in there, so you can always go right back to your very favorite recipe. 😉 I strongly encourage especially beginners to purchase Nom Nom Paleo. Most (if not all) of your paleo cooking questions will be answered right there in the book. Plus, it’s just a really pretty book to have.

Nom Nom Paleo is available for pre-order on Amazon! Order your copy now… Release date is December 17!

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