The 30 Day Primal Family Challenge progress report

Here it is, Day 5 of our challenge, and things are going surprisingly well.

On Day 2 we had a bit of a meltdown of my 12 year old who was dying to go to Dairy Queen as a post production treat of a theater performance of some of her friends. Let’s leave aside the fact, that I was not going to go there anyway, because the thought of having to squeeze into a Dairy Queen with about 50 other people, wasn’t exactly appealing to me, believe it or not. What is much more important is that I needed my daughter to stick with her commitment to these 30 days. There will be plenty of opportunities to go out with friends and eat things she shouldn’t. This commitment is something that I feel pretty passionately about, and I know that she will be proud when Day 30 comes around.

We talked (she in tears, me with as much patience as I could muster) about how difficult it was not to cave to the peer pressure. After all, when 12 to 14 year old kids hang out, it’ll be at some coffee shop or Dairy Queen or other place that sells conventional junk food. She explained to me how everything I say about being primal makes complete sense to her. She looks at the evidence and understands. But, oh, how difficult it is in real life, when faced with a situation like that post production ice cream celebration. Who can’t understand the worries of this 12 year old? We’ve all been there!

I told my daughter two things:

1) Think about the subject of smoking. When your friends decide to start smoking, will you start too, just so you can fit in with the crowd? Or will you know that you can have just as much fun with them, without holding on to a cigarette and puffing out clouds of smoke?

2) Every rule has exceptions! After our challenge is over, why don’t you go out with your friends to the coffee house, have some tea or a nutella steamer. Opt for the gluten free options (they have the best almond flour cake there!) most of the time, and then treat yourself to a non-primal treat occasionally. You won’t look weird to your friends. They will not make fun of you. Because the truth is, that being with your friends has nothing to do with eating all the same foods. You are friends, because you have other things in common… interests, friends, fun, and laughter.

Both of these arguments made sense to her. Besides, who can say no to the mom who promises to make a primal mousse au chocolat as a treat when you get home? 😉

On Day 3 we made banana bread muffins. An absolutely delightful treat. And because I’m SuperMom, I added dark chocolate chips. These muffins are a big hit with the kids, and I feel good about them sneaking one even if they just ate one five minutes ago.

On Day 4 my 10 year old son sat at the dinner table announcing that this primal thing is “really working” for him. He likes the food (mind you, it’s the same food I’ve been cooking for 2 1/2 years), and he’s okay with paleo treats and fruit as a snack. He’s the guy who marks the calendar with little x’s and keeps up up-to-date which day we’re on. But he’s also the guy who is super easygoing about the whole thing. Good boy! 🙂

The (almost) 19 year old won’t say much. She misses her sweets, but she bravely stays away from them. This is only Day 5, so for this young, healthy woman (aaaah!, did I say woman??) the instant gratification of weight loss or better sleep or such things are not a concern. And so she waits for something… Although, come to think of it, maybe I should point out to her that she hasn’t had a stomach ache in… oh, say, 5 days?

As for myself, I feel fine. I find myself in the odd situation of being stuck at the same weight, no gain, no loss. I’d like to see some loss… There are some clothes that feel uncomfortably snug. I decided to forgo alcohol for a couple of weeks. My glass of red wine or NorCal margarita (tequila, club soda, lime) have become a daily habit. Why not mix things up a little and give that good, old liver a break?

I’ve been sleeping a little better these past few days. And better sleep in my world makes all the difference! It is what helps me work out better, what gives me patience with my children and makes me an all around happier person. So, if good sleep is what comes of this challenge, then I will accept it and move on.

And finally, there is my husband, who is also part of this challenge. He agreed to do it, but will not give up his beer, even for a month. I can’t argue with him, so I’m going to accept this fact and let him do what feels right for him.

So, all around it’s a good experience, and I’m happy about everyone’s commitment and dedication. 🙂 We’ll see how it all develops in the days to come.

Any questions? Concerns? Opinions? Share them with me!!

6 thoughts on “The 30 Day Primal Family Challenge progress report”

  1. I so feel for you in the being the parent thing. We are mostly paleo. But probably more weston price-ish. We drink raw milk, we eat (old fashioned) sour dough bread sometimes and white rice. My kids are only 2 and 4. My 4 year old understands that some food isn’t exactly healthy and is filled with chemicals. But, I let them eat cake a parties, or if we are somewhere and they want try something I usually let them, unless it’s really offensive. But I can tell, even when they have regular cake on their birthday (at grandma and grandpas) they hardly touch it. Almost like they know that it’s ‘bad’. And I don’t worry too much because we always eat well at home.
    I totally understand the 30 day challenge though. Sometmes it’s nice to kinda start over. But I do kinda feel like if we can’t stick with something, then it’s not worth totally pushing. I don’t want to make my kids eat a certain way for 30 days then they turn around and do the opposite after that time period is over. I don’t know what i’ll do when my kids are your kids age. I think I really want to make sure that everything is really positive, I don’t want them to feel guilty for having a treat once and a while. Good luck, you sound like such an awesome mom!!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I am a mom of three young kids, 7, 5, and 2. I have been Paleo for over a year now, it probably saved my life. About 3 months ago, the rest of my family took the plunge and (because my kids love dairy and need the extra fat) went Primall. My husband has been extremely supportive, but also won’t give up his beer, HA! Anyhow, the first week was very tough, I cried a lot, received some ugly comments from parents of other young kids in our circle, but, thank goodness, persevered. I now have a glowingly healthy family who (mostly) love the changes, thank me constantly, try new things, and, best of all, I feel no guilt over what I put in their mouths. Hubby looks great, all his friends comment on his weight (damned if I could do that without giving up beer!), and I am so proud of all of us. Your comment about the smoking issue is great, I wish I’d thought of that the first week. Thank you for sharing your story, I’m glad I found you blog (through IPMG, by the way). Keep rocking on!

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