Sugar experiment update

Day 9 and 10 and Happy Birthday to me :)It has been two weeks, since my new understanding of what “sugar” does or does not do to your body. Read my blog post to catch upLet me clarify that I ate only very small amounts of white granulated sugar, and I only ever ate it when I couldn’t avoid it (speak, I was eating out). What I have done is to increase my natural sweetener intake. By natural sweeteners I mean maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, honey, and of course fruits.

What exactly did I do?

Sometimes, after lunch or dinner I crave something sweet. Instead of going against this craving, I gave in to it. I’d have a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, or the Trader Joe’s three ingredients chocolate mints (dark chocolate, honey, mint oil), or a homemade cookie. I found this to be extremely satisfying. I also chose not to feel guilty about eating two pieces of paleo chocolate cake at my son’s birthday party, and when I experienced a craving for something sweet one afternoon, I dug in and had some chocolate.

How did that work out?

Suprisingly well. My sugar cravings actually went down, believe it or not. It’s almost like my body is saying thank you for finally listening to what it has been trying to tell me for… well… forever!

But, is the weight coming off?

First off, yes, I appear to be losing weight. But there is much more to say here. I am 6 feet tall. At this height my so called ideal weight according to an old German chart is 155lbs. This is going by normal standards, not Hollywood actress standards. 🙂 Almost two years ago (June 2011), after almost 6 months of living and breathing paleo, I weighed in at exactly 155lbs. I started CrossFit in January of 2012. When I started my sugar experiment, I weighed myself and the scale read 171lbs.

Assuming that I gained some muscle in the past year, my new “goal weight” is approximately 160lbs, although I will say that this number is not set in stone. The real goal is to comfortably fit into my “skinny” jeans. If this means that I’ll way 162 or even 164, then so be it. So, what I can say for now is, my clothes are fitting better, and yesterday a couple of people noticed a difference in my appearance. My best friend said “You look great.” And the truth is that I feel great.

Will it work for you?

The short answer is I just don’t know! I am not a doctor or a scientist, and I can only speak for myself. Also, I’m still somewhat in disbelief and I tend to not trust myself, even after two weeks without any binge eating. My recommendation to anyone who wants to experiment with this is to read up on the subject. Antonio Valladares and Sean Flanagan are definitely a good resource if you’re looking into adding more “sugar” into your diet. And then, be very aware of what is happening in your body. What is it telling you? Be honest, be real. Obviously things are not working out for you if you eat an entire bar of chocolate, and you may want to reconsider your decision to add more sugar. Don’t keep this experiment going for weeks on end if you just can’t control your cravings. You’ll end up gaining weight, and you’ll be beating yourself up over it.

Also, as Antonio told me in his note, there really may be something wrong metabolically, with your hormones or otherwise. It may be worth your while to check into this, and see if it is true for you!

Well, Grokette, that was nice but not terribly helpful… 

Maybe not… but maybe it was. I’m not giving medical advice. I’m not throwing around scientific data or studies. I’m simply telling you about MY experiences… about works for me and what doesn’t. And in the process I hope to encourage YOU to never stop discovering yourself, and to continue to find your path to great health.

(NOTE: I also had some milk chocolate… because it is just sooo good! But guess what, I was done after a couple of small pieces. And the chocolate is now still sitting in my pantry!!)

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