When you fall, you get back up

Ever since I started this primal journey, I have been continuously amazed at all the great paleo and primal gurus, who 1) always look so clean, lean, and gorgeous and who 2) seem to never, ever fall off the bandwagon. Just check out their pictures. These people have everything going for them… Smashing good looks, awesome bodies, and success in the paleo/primal world. I figured I’d be just like them, when “I grow up”. I just needed to start eating clean, get past that nasty carb flu, turn into a lean mean Crossfit muscle machine, and boom, the rest would just fall into place.

My reality, though, looks just a tad bit different. It is true that I lost over 35lbs in just a few short months, and I looked good! Not Melissa Hartwig good, but I was doing alright… for a while… until the darn bandwagon hit a rock in the road and threw me off. I was in Germany then. Might I add, I fall off the bandwagon every time I go to Germany. Bye bye, willpower, hellooooo BREAD!

I’ve also fallen off on other occasions. Christmas, Thanksgiving, or when I went to an event, a party, a weekend trip. I’m never proud during those times, and more often than not I beat myself up over it. This paleo thing can’t be that difficult! But over two years later I still find myself seriously challenged by the sweet temptations around me. I’m a sugar addict, what can I say?

So, things have not been all hunky dory smooth sailingly awesome. I’ve regained 15lbs, and they’re coming off ever so slowly. Not like back then, when I just dropped the weight without even trying too hard, but it’s coming off. And, no matter how many times I’ve fallen off the bandwagon in the past two year, no matter how many times I fell, I never stopped getting up. I know in my mind and heart that paleo/primal is the way to go. It makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. It is NOT a fad diet.

If you are like me, if you fall every now and then, don’t get discouraged. I’m not telling you not to beat yourself up over it. Because you will anyway. πŸ˜‰ But when you’re done with that, get back up, dust yourself off, and do what you know in your heart is right. Don’t make promises that you’ll never fall off again. I believe that’s only going to hurt you in the long run. But do not quit, when it does happen. It’s okay. You are not alone! Find someone to vent to… Heck, come find me and vent to me!! I’ll listen and then I’ll kick your butt and tell you to get back up and do your thing.

One thought on “When you fall, you get back up”

  1. Spot on, as always, Ute. It took me a few days to get the chance to read this post, but I’m glad I did – it’s always nice to know someone’s on the same wavelength πŸ™‚ Do you find, though, that your “falls” off the bandwagon change over time? I’ve noticed the more often I “fall off”, so to speak, the less drastic it is. So, where I once may have dived headfirst into a plate of bread, pasta and pastries, I’ll now have some not-quite-Paleo-but-not-that-bad (still gluten-free, at least) treats, and find it much easier to bounce back to “normal”. Is it the same for you?

    Also, one thing I’m personally trying to work on at the moment is using different language to describe and talk about these instances – so much of what we say is accidentally but inherently negative. So, “when I make choices that are inconsistent with the Paleo nutritional paradigm…” πŸ™‚

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