Primal Life Kit Bundle is LIVE

The Primal Life Kit Bundle Sale is LIVE!!

What’s The Primal Life Kit?

32 of the best, most popular Primal and Paleo products are being sold at more
than 90% off for one week only – April 2 – 9! Included in this awesome bundle is
a meal plan made by Primal Blueprint, a recipe ebook from the authors of Make
It Paleo, and a fitness program by Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo, a
subscription to Paleo Magazine, and a big discount on the Bulletproof Coffee Kit
among many other products. ORDER HERE!

Again, this is only going on from April 2 to April 9! This $39 kit will
give you all the tools you need to eat, cook, work out,
and live Primally.

Recipe and Meal Planning eBooks
– Paleo Crock Pot: 25+ Beef, Pork, & Chicken Recipes by George Bryant
and Abel James of
– 30-Day Intro to Paleo by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley
of (authors of Make It Paleo)
– Fast Paleo Top 100: The Top 100 Paleo and Primal Recipes Shared
with FastPaleo in 2012 + 4 bonus ebooks by James Gregory and Ute Mitchell
 Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa
Joulwan of
– Toadally Primal Smoothies by Primal Toad of
—————>BUY IT NOW!<—————–
Autoimmune and PCOS eBooks
 21-Day Paleo Cleanse by Neely Quinn of (contains 3-week
Paleo autoimmune protocol meal plan)
– Awaken: 30+ Egg-Free and Grain-Free Breakfasts by Karen Sorenson
– La Brujita in the Kitchen: Recipes that Make Autoimmune
Disorders More Palatable by Cat Caruso of
– PCOS Unlocked: The Manual by Stefani Ruper
of (special abridged 53 pages for this sale with discount
on remainder of her ebook)
Informational and How-To eBooks
– The Wild Diet by Abel James of
– 21 Life Lessons from Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb by Jimmy Moore
– Primal Deliverance: How Paleo Saved My Life From Addiction by
James Gregory of
– Paleo Power Lunch: Easy, Filling, & Delicious Workday Meal
Strategies by Stormy Sweitzer of
– Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget by
Carolyn Rush of
– Free The Animal: How to Lose Weight and Fat on the Paleo Diet –
Richard Nikoley of
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GET PRIMAL LIFE KIT HERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Meal Plans
– Primal Blueprint Primal Meal Plan – 1 month subscription to weekly
Primal meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and the accompanying recipes for
just $.01 from Mark Sisson and
– 6-week Paleo Meal Plan – 1 free Paleo Meal Plan from Nell Stephenson
(co-author of The Paleo Diet Cookbook at
Training and Movement
 Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo LifeFit fitness and nutrition training
program – 1 month for $.01 from the author of Everyday Paleo
– The Obstacle Course Race Training Program ebook by Stew Smith,
CSCS and former Navy SEAL at
Magazines (Online Subscriptions)
– The Performance Menu: Journal of Health & Athletic Excellence – 1
year subscription (12 issues) and 1 year of back issues
 Paleo Magazine – Free 6-month online subscription (3 issues) and access to
all back issues.
——————–>BUY IT NOW<———————
– Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 30% off Greek extra virgin olive oil
from Tony Kasandrinos’ family farm (no expiration date)
 Bulletproof Coffee Kit – 20% off Monthly Bulletproof Coffee Kit (24 oz. of
coffee and a 32-ounce bottle of MCT oil) from (no
expiration date)
– Primal Life Organics – 20% off organic, Paleo, gluten-free, vegan skincare
products, hair care products, and deodorant (good through May 1st, 2013)
 Amrap Nutrition Refuel Bars – free swag with purchase
 Optimum Performance Training – 15% off apparel, supplements,
and online fitness training course (good through Dec 31, 2013)
– Paleo On The Go – 10% off Paleo food delivered to your home
from (good through May 1)
– Squatty Potty – 15% off all products through April and 10% for the rest of
– Sport Journals – 20% off WODbooks until May 11, 2013.

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