10 Ways to help you feel good about you NOW!

This one’s for you, ladies. It’s become rather obvious, that I am not the only person on this planet, who has been (and sometimes still is) struggling with my self-worth and my body image.

In my post How do you feel about you? I described a bit how I’m making progress on the road to my very own happiness. The number of clicks on this post was much higher than usual, and I’ve received positive feedback on the blog, my FB page, and in person.
It’s a big deal for women! Almost all of us struggle with some imperfection, a soft belly, a big nose, sagging breasts, a big butt, less than perfect hair, imperfect skin… The list goes on and on. We strive to be better, and we make goals. Someday I’ll be skinny. Someday I’ll have muscles. Someday I’ll fit into my jeans. Someday I’ll get a boob job. In the meantime, we forget to feel good about ourselves right now, and we’re wasting precious time. So I compiled a list of 10 ways to feel good about you now! Give it a try!!

1) Stop the negative mirror talk NOW! Ask yourself seriously what you’re getting out of negative talk. Are you helping yourself? Does it make you want to go and do something about it? Do you walk away from the mirror ready to conquer the world? And most importantly, would you say these terrible things to your best friend? If you answer no to most of these questions, then your negative talk has got to go. Bye bye!
When you look into the mirror tomorrow morning, give a smile. I promise the woman looking back at you will smile right back.

2) Wear something nice! It doesn’t matter if you have no good reason. You ALWAYS have a good reason to look nice. I’m not talking about a fancy dress… I’m talking a pretty shirt, some beautiful jewelry you never wear, and that pair of heels you love but that sits in the corner collecting dust. Seriously! Put them on and see how you walk. You carry yourself differently. Now put on a little makeup, do your hair, look in that mirror and smile. Then go to the grocery store, or pick up the kids, or meet a friend for tea… just because you can!

3) Get a manicure, a pedicure, a facial. You’re all grown up. You are allowed to treat yourself to something nice every now and then. Too expensive? Sign up for Amazon Local Deals or Groupon and wait for the coupons to arrive in the mail. They will! Just treat yourself well. You so deserve it! (There really is nothing quite as awesome as looking down at my pretty fingernails as I’m typing this. Yep, I’m a girl!)

4) Shop for new clothes… or for old clothes! Who says you need to go to Nordstrom? You don’t! Goodwill will do, or any second-hand store in town. If you have a little bit of time on your hands, you WILL find that special pretty shirt, or that lovely skirt, or the brandnew jacket that still has a tag on it. SCORE! Try it on, and remember to smile at the girl in the mirror!

5) Stop eating sugar! No really! Just don’t do it. Sugar is bad news for so many of us. Sorry, all you nay-sayers out there, I speak from experience. Sugar is not my friend. It makes me feel bloated. It gives me headaches. I lose all control and don’t eat one piece of chocolate, but 15. And then I feel bad about myself. And I start the negative talk. You see where this is going. Bye bye, sugar! Got it? Good! (And if you break down and have sugar after all, make a deal with your Crossfit coach or friend that you’ll do a burpee for every gram of sugar you’ve been eating… Yep, that’s me!)

6) Look at people. Sit in a public place… a mall or a coffee shop and watch the people around you. How many of them look like models or movie stars? Count them. I’ll be surprised if you find even a handful of them. What does this tell you? YES! 95% of all people in all the world are people just like you and me. They also didn’t get a boob job, they also don’t have perfect hair, they also are not Twiggy. So why on Earth are you beating yourself up over not being perfect?

7) Stop wanting to be perfect. Now that you figured out that almost no person on Earth is perfect, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at those celebrities and the lives they live. Have you ever listened to some of them speak about their exercise regimen, their horrible diets? The cost of success is high. And all to look perfect for the very imperfect rest of the world.

8) Affirmations! I know those don’t work for everyone. But if you are into affirmations, then DO THEM! Remember, when you write down affirmations you will look at every single day, you’ll want to make them positive rather than negative ones. Say, “I am beautiful” rather than “I don’t want to be ugly”. See how different this looks? “I love my life.” “I love my body.” These are positive!

9) Accept and smile at compliments. When someone tells you that you have a beautiful smile, they are generally not lying to you. They mean it. Someone thinks you have a beautiful smile. Thank them.
Someone likes your sweater? Accept it! Compliments are good and wanted and needed.

10) GIVE compliments to others. One of the front desk ladies at the doctor’s office I went to with my son had gorgeous earrings, that I could not stop staring at. So I told her just how much I loved them. She was extremely tickled and had a good little story to tell about them. She was so happy I complimented her, it made ME feel good. I love giving compliments.

And finally… don’t stop setting goals for the future… but also don’t forget to be happy now… to love yourself now. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

9 thoughts on “10 Ways to help you feel good about you NOW!”

  1. Another slam dunk, Ute – you nailed this!! Thank you so much for sharing your insights 🙂 I still definitely struggle with the negative mirror-talk – it's become very automatic, and it's hard to "switch off". I've made a deal with myself though that when I'm thinking negatively, I'll make a point of finding something that I *do* like and repeating that to myself. For instance, my calves are awesome – they're very muscular and very strong, and I'm really proud of them. So, when I catch myself thinking "Ugh, my thighs are a horror show!", I counteract it with "My calves are so awesome!" – it's definitely helping :)Also, re: number 2 – don't underestimate the power of a gorgeous perfume!! I used to work in a fragrance store, so I have quite the collection. I find if I'm feeling "fat" or "ugly" or whatever, putting on pretty clothes can make me feel worse – but putting on a special fragrance that I love really gives me a boost. Today it's "Tresor" by Lancome 🙂

  2. I'd like to add to number 9 – "Accept compliments with a smile and a thank you AND NO EXCUSES OR EXPLANATIONS!" I used to respond to compliments about a great shirt I was wearing by saying, "Thanks! It's a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law", or "I got it on sale at XYZ" or some other unnecessary, compliment-tempering comment. I'm not embarrassed by the great clothes I often inherit from friends and family or that I bargain-hunt(I LOVE hand-me-downs and am proud of the way I can turn them into major fashion lifts) BUT I realized that I was offering up a piece of information that A) had nothing to do with the compliment (if the complimenter asks where the piece came from, then go right ahead! If not, don't offer) and B) downplays the positive aspect of RECEIVING the compliment. It's as if by volunteering the information of where the item came from, we're taking the wind a bit out of the compliment. Try it. See how hard it is the first time or two just to say Thank you and smile. Then see how great it feels once you get used to it! Of course, if you've got a unique/terrific/funny/entertaining story that you want to bless your complimenter with, go right ahead. Otherwise, savor the compliment and do yourself a bit more good!

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