Sauerbraten…. FAIL!

 Isn’t she pretty? Don’t you love her cute little face? And don’t you just adore the sorry expression in her eyes??? You know, the one, where they feel so bad for not liking the food, because you worked your ass off and were just so darn excited about this recipe, and they don’t want to tell you, but when you ask them directly they have no choice but to give you that look?

Well, friends, that’s what happened today. After four long days in the fridge, I got to work and prepared the whole thing EXACTLY as instructed in my German recipe (with the exception of the flour). It smelled absolutely, positively delicious! The scent of sauerbraten and red cabbage filled the entire house, and memories from my childhood wafted around with all the sour deliciousness.

The red cabbage turned out beautifully (as always), and I made potatoes as a special treat.
The sauerbraten sauce though… oh my good Lord, was it ever sour! I thought nothing of it quite yet. I went online, asked friends what could be done. I added whipping cream bringing the sauce from a delicious dark brown to a pasty white… but no change in taste. I added a dash of baking soda, and another, and another, but still no real change. Yikes!

My disappointment was huge! I served this dinner to my family with the warning that the sauce was probably going to dissolve their stomach lining. They chose not to eat it. They did enjoy the meat (kind of), and they loved the cabbage and potatoes. I bravely ate some sauce… Uhm… yeah…

Dear Grokette followers, please forgive me for I have failed! But this is not the end of it. I am going to try again. Someday! In the meantime I have about 300 more recipes to paleofy. And still, I’m a little sad and disappointed. I will eat that meat until it is all gone! It comes from a happy, local cow. There is no way I’m going to let it go to waste! Bear with me… my next recipe will be fantabulous.

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