Connected… disconnected…

I love the 21st century. I really do. Thanks to airplanes I can get around the world (or from the US to Germany) in just a few short hours. Thanks to cars I can take my children to a bunch of awesome homeschool classes, ballet, and other activities. Thanks to the internet I can stay in touch with my brother and his lovely family, and I can see their faces in real time while skyping with them.

Thanks to Facebook, I found a job posted by a guy on the opposite end of the country, and I never have to miss out on anybody’s status updates, bathroom breaks and political rants. I’ll admit it. I love it. I love that I get to stay in touch with my friend Patricia, whom I met in Phoenix, and who has since moved to Hawaii and Florida, while I made a new home in Oregon. And I totally appreciate the ability to be “good friends” with people I have never even met in real life. How fascinating is this?

And finally, thanks to my phone, I am always connected! My phone whistles a cute little tune, whenever I get a text message or e-mail. Every comment on my status updates gets posted to the top bar of my phone. I can respond to “important” e-mails wherever I am. At the grocery store, the zoo, school, and even on the toilet. Because surely those e-mails are so important that they can’t possibly wait a few more minutes or even a few more hours. You see where I’m going with this, right?

The other day, I made an effort at writing on my book. The phone whistled at me approximately 5 times within 4 minutes… and needless to say, I checked every single time. Any excuse for procrastination. And besides, what if it’s important? Uhm… well… none of the notes were important. They were offers from a clothing store, coupons from Amazon, a bank statement, and a note from someone to someone else on an e-mail list inquiring about homeopathic something or other. By the 5th time I was annoyed with myself for my inability to leave my phone alone, I muted it and hid it in my purse. I tried to concentrate on my writing… frequently glanced at my purse, and I finally had to admit to myself that this was absolutely pathetic.

I like to think of myself as someone who enjoys the simple things in life. A walk around the neighborhood, the fat squirrels in our yard chasing each other like it’s spring already… a beautiful sunrise… a hot bath. I take my eating “back to the roots”, because it feels like the right thing to do. But every so often I forget to do this with the rest of my life too. I forget to step away from my phone and laptop. I am connected, yet disconnected. I get every status update, but miss the sprouting of the first spring flowers.

I believe it’s time to find a happy medium. As I said before… I love the comforts of the 21st century. But I also love the real world. Time to return. 🙂

How are you all dealing with the connectedness? Do you struggle? Or does it not a problem for you at all?

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