The Everyday Life of Paleo

I love this lady. She beautifully expresses how I feel every now and then, when it’s been “one of those days”. Everything comes together, crashes like a wave over you and threatens to drown you beneath it. There’s your daughter’s French homework, your son’s complaints about not getting a phone at the ripe, old age of almost 10, Mount Laundry, the little voice inside asking what’s for dinner, learning to add a new e-mail account to Thunderbird… and it’s all happening simultaneously.

I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday. I haven’t bought a thing from the frozen aisle in… uh… a really long time. So I did. I walked down that aisle, thinking to myself how nice it would be just to buy a few boxes of food for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking up a big dinner for the lovely family. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly aware of the fact, that besides frozen fish and frozen vegetables, the frozen food aisles has little to offer for little old Grokette. I picked up a box of veggie snacks of some sort… Second ingredient: wheat flour. No need to continue reading, although I did, until I was no longer able to pronounce ingredients. I also picked up frozen burgers, chicken nuggets, fried fish (I know! Silly me!) and came up empty handed. I didn’t even bother looking at the potstickers.
I did buy frozen ahi tuna steaks… because… YUM! (Even my “I don’t eat Sushi, because I’ve seen raw fish under a microscope” friend enjoys ahi tuna.)

To get back to my story… the plain truth is, there is no quick and easy in a paleo life. You will always struggle to find quick foods in the freezer section, and you’ll always end up making everything yourself, unless you’re willing to cheat. I would warn against it though, because one little cheat quickly leads to more and more… and before you know you’ll see those tail lights of the bandwagon disappear in the dark.

I think it’s vital to have a plan (especially when you’re not alone, but feeding a family of 4). Have a meal plan for the week. And don’t just plan for breakfast and dinner. Plan your lunches too. All too often I ended staring into my fridge at a loss of what to make for lunch, when we’re out (which we are at least twice a week). You’ll want things like ham or turkey to roll up your vegetables in. You’ll want to have enough lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots for salads. Cheese sticks for my kids are an absolute must have!

I also always have cans of tuna, pickles, homemade mayo and mustard, for the occasional tuna salad.

If you have the possibility to do a lot of work one day a week (let’s say Sunday), I’d certainly recommend that. Bake your treats for the entire week right then. Freeze some of them!! If you know you want to bake bread, do that on the same day as well.

Cut all your vegetables after shopping for them. This makes for much faster prep time when you cook, plus, it’s so much easier to grab a veggie snack that you don’t have to cut up first.

Finally, pre-cook burgers, chicken, and eggs for the week. You’ll love how easy it is to make your salad for lunch knowing you don’t have to cook the chicken or eggs to go with it.

This are all tried and true tips to make your everyday life of paleo just a little easier!

One thought on “The Everyday Life of Paleo”

  1. I'm with you! I'm going back to full-time work next week, after finishing my degree, and I'm already a bit nervous about how I'm going to fit in all the food prep that's so much easier to do when you're the master of your own time. I'm planning a big grocery shop and pre-preparing/cooking session on Sunday. Lots of crock-pot meals (throw it in in the morning, it's ready when I get home). Fingers crossed I can keep on top of it all! (And I'm still working my way through my Whole30-that-became-a-Whole45 even, so no sneaky cheese sticks or "close enough is good enough" snacks for me!)

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