Life after Whole30

I am just over two weeks into my Whole30. It’s not feeling hellish anymore. As a matter of fact, my waist is shrinking. Sadly, so are certain other body parts, but heck, health demands sacrifices. And I’m making them.

Of course, there will be a life after Whole30. And to many, the task of eating a regular paleo diet seems daunting. How does one do it without falling off the bandwagon? What does one eat and not eat?

First, let’s talk a bit about why we do a Whole30 rather than a Whole15. It makes sense to go for a month. First of all, a month just makes sense. Thirty days, one out of 12 months.
But what’s more important, are two facts!

1) It takes your average sugar addict up to two weeks to get past this awful carb flu. You know, those headaches, foggy brain, flu like symptoms? Your body is working hard at detoxing (I smelled like skunk, I kid you not). After two weeks, you’ll feel like a new person with loads of energy!

2) It takes about 21 days to break a bad habit and start a good one. It’s true. You can research it. During this time your mind gets reprogrammed to “like” something instead of another thing. After 30 days your first response to a sugary treat will be hesitation. And your body’s response will likely be bloating or discomfort.

So what do you do when you’re all done? My best piece of advice is to stick as closely to what you have been doing for those 30 days. You made the decision to “go paleo”. Your best bet is not to stray far from your Whole30. Yes, add in coffee if you must, have your occasional snack of paleo brownies or cookies, but don’t look at this as just a diet… See the lifestyle change you’ve made and stick with it.

What’s okay for an occasional treat?

-anything paleo, sweetened with honey or fruit
-a glass of wine now and then
-NorCal margaritas (thanks, Robb Wolf!)
-high quality dairy if you aim for more of a primal approach than strict paleo
-gluten free beer

What’s okay… very rarely?

-any non-paleo treat, although let me warn you, that you will likely not feel so good afterwards
-white rice

What should you avoid?

-GLUTEN! Don’t compromise. Gluten is bad news.
-any non-paleo candy (that stuff is nasty and almost all candy bars contain HFCS and soy among other sick makers)

My piece of advice if you feel unsure what to cook all the time: stick with the many paleo recipe sites, cookbooks, and blogs. You will NEVER run out of great recipes.

Also, when making treats, simply freeze some of it if you don’t trust yourself not to pig out.

And finally… if you feel you’re about to fall off the paleo bandwagon, go clean for at least 14 days. That should take care of it.

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