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Well, I’ve just about had it with Facebook! It has become more difficult YET AGAIN for page owners to be seen by their followers. Not only do my posts only show up to about 10% of my followers… now Facebook also limits all those posts with a picture and link (basically everything I post, that looks to them to be a money maker). The idea behind this is of course to get me to promote my posts for a minimum of $5 per post.

Well, if I was rich, and money wasn’t an issue, I might (MIGHT!) do it, but I am neither rich, nor do I like this practice. Plus, I’m doing this for free. I’m not getting any money for posting my stuff. I’d much prefer to not pay every time I want to be seen.

SO, if you feel so inclined, please follow me right HERE!

Once you get there, please comment on my first post there. If you say “I’m here”, you’ll be entered to win a copy of The FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012! Three winners will be drawn randomly on Friday, February 8 after 8pm PST.

So, please, join me there and share with others. I’d love to see you there!!

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