The FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012 is now available :)

I am so excited about this announcement, because James and I have worked on this for the past two months, and it’s a great ecookbook, if I say so myself.

It’s also the first of its kind! It’s a community cookbook, featuring dozens of paleo bloggers and food enthusiasts. The recipes all include bios and link back to all of their blogs and websites. Each contributor can sell their own copies and make a 75% commission.

Giving back to the community! How awesome is that?

With the cookbook you’ll get 4 mini ebooks free. 🙂 Check it out! The recipes are all awesome, easy to recreate, and tried and true not only by their creators but by lots of people who have tried them at home and loved them.

I’m happy to say, that my coconut flour brownies are in there as well.

Find the banner to the right, click there and purchase YOUR copy of the ecookbook. No waiting for it to arrive in the mail. You’ll have it right away. 🙂

Wooohoooo!! What a fabulous day!

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