Foggy brain, carb flu and more…

Day 5 of my Hell30 (FYI for those who don’t know… I’ve renamed the Whole30), and I’m going strong! Judging from the headline you might think that I am suffering or something, but I’m not. Here is what I AM experiencing!

I wake up early (as always) and generally don’t stay up too late. I sleep hard, and I dream quite vividly. Two nights ago I woke up during a terrible nightmare by my own screaming my daughter’s name. Quite dramatic, isn’t it? My dreams are loud and adventurous and full of people I know now and others I’ve known a long time ago. It’s an odd experience for sure. I do remember these vivid dreams from when I first went paleo, so I know this will wear off in a while.

Other symptoms YOU may experiencing as you’re cleansing your body and getting rid of all those nasty toxins are headaches, a foggy brain, fatigue, sluggishness… This is called the carb flu or low-carb flu. It’s the period of time right after switching to a paleo lifestyle. For some people this carb flu can last up to three full weeks, others suffer for only five days… and yet others might not notice any difference at all.

Since I was already gluten free and mostly paleo before my Hell30, I don’t seem to struggle much. On day 2 and 3 I had headaches. I am a little more tired than usual, but I’m also working out really hard right now, so being tired might be a combination of the two.

Please don’t give up, if you’re experiencing any of this. It does take some tremendous willpower for some of us. But it is all worth it in the end. You WILL soon start feeling much better, and you’ll feel clean and alive and strong. So hang in there, stick with it. If you need some extra support, go check out the Whole30 website for tons of great information! Also, check out the Whole30 support group on Facebook. You are not alone. And one month will be over in no time. 🙂

And of course, check my Facebook page for daily motivational quotes and more.

2 thoughts on “Foggy brain, carb flu and more…”

  1. I had a super-vivid dream last night that The Dude I Live With took me to a pancake parlour with some of his work friends, and sat me down in front of a huuuuugggee stack of truly delicious pancakes. I got all cranky because I'm on a Whole30 and couldn't even taste them – but no one could understand why I was getting so upset! I ended up running out of the restaurant in hysterics, only to find I couldn't get a cab home. Then I woke up, and remained cranky at The Dude I Live With for a few hours (I realise that's irrational, but I'm a crazy lady, so…).

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