Hello, my name is Grokette, and I cheated! You know that Whole30 I was going to do at the beginning of the year? Yep, I cheated. I broke down and ate crap. I have no good excuse either. I can’t tell you why. I know quite well, that I’ve done this before, and that 30 days are really not that big a deal. And yet… *insert deep sigh here* Oh sure, I know, how much better I feel when I stick with it. But well, that trip to Germany… See? Excuses!

Since my first cheat, I re-stared my Whole30 every day for about a week. How sad is that? Waking up in the morning saying to your reflection in the mirror, “Okay, it’s January 16th… Day 1″…. “Okay, it’s January 17th… Day 1″…. “Okay, it’s January 18th…. ” You get the point. Whole30 has become Hell30.
You may say, “Well, why don’t you just not do a Whole30?” And yes, I could do that. But somewhere inside of me sits little Grokette, that little teeny tiny voice whispering to me, “And why the hell not? Cleanse your body, start over, feel better about yourself. What is not to like about the positive side effects of a Whole30?” And she’s right!

Yesterday, I went to the Oregon Crossfit Winter Games 2013 in Bend, Oregon with my good friend B. B is the woman who got me hooked on Crossfit last year, when she competed in the games and I came to cheer her on. This year we were both itching to be out there with the other athletes… but realizing that well, we ought to do something to get back in tip top shape. 🙂 Watching those athletes made something click inside my head (and heart). I want this! I really, really do want to get back in shape, so that I can compete in Crossfit Games.

And really, I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. The headache I’m feeling right now is not welcome, not wanted, and it has to go. But it will only go, if I finally step up to the plate and take responsibility. And finally, I feel bad for letting down people who follow my blog or Facebook page… They (YOU) deserve better than that.

I was going to start my new Hell30 tomorrow… Monday… start of the week, start of something new. But I believe, I’ll do it today. What better time to start is there than right now! I invite you to check in on me. Or join me. Or unfollow my Facebook page, because you’re so utterly disappointed. 😉

Okay, it’s January 20th… Day 1

4 thoughts on “Hell30”

  1. Here's one reader who's not disappointed in you! You're human. And you're setting a great example by not letting one set back detract from the goal! You can do it! Have a great "Hell30" 🙂

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