It’s all about food!

It’s all about food! Truer words have never been spoken, I tell ya. Because my life quite literally revolves around it. Sure, there are also my sweet, adorable, wonderful children who are taking up an enormous part. But without food I could not keep them alive. It starts with breakfast, which has become more complicated since we started our paleo journey. From a slice of bread with nutella or pb&j we went to eggs with bacon, or almond flour pancakes, or coconut flour waffles. And sometimes, certain people of the family (I shall not name any one person, dearest daughter) have different wishes, at which point of course I tell them to please “Serve yourself”… I’m your mother, not your cooking slave. This week on my meal plan are:

pizza, chicken skewers, pork chops with red cabbage and sweet potato fries, Beefy Mexi Cauli Rice, brats and sauerkraut, pulled pork…

I never did make the chicken skewers (too lazy) and threw the chicken into my wok for stir frying instead. See the result above. I love chicken stir fries. You stir fry the chicken, set it aside, stir fry your vegetables (whichever vegetables you like!), add the chicken back in, add the pineapple, about a half can of coconut milk, season with salt, pepper, paprika, and curry… maybe some ginger. Add a little bit of spinach at the very end, and you have a fantastic meal… which by the way has never produced any leftovers. EVER!

And because I am a good mom who wants her children to eat well, but understands too, that a sweet tooth sometimes needs to be fed, I made chocolate chip cookies from a recipe I wrote down from somewhere someday. These cookies are so delicious. But you have to be a fan of chewy cookies. Because that’s what they are. Nice and chewy. Yum! Of course this is true for most paleofied chocolate chip cookies. Just check out any of the FastPaleo chocolate chip cookie recipes. All of them are chewy. I’m still trying to figure out how to make crunchy ones for my best friend. All attempts have failed so far.

Next on the snack list, my famous coconut flour brownies. Oh baby! These are super moist and super delicious, and they are GONE! They never last long around here.

You can find the recipe right here. You really want to be careful with the coconut flour on these. Just one tablespoon will make a difference in the consistency of the batter. You want this batter to be relatively runny. If it gets too thick, the brownies will be more dry.

Tonight is the night for pork chops with red cabbage and sweet potato fries. Nom nom!

Hey! Tomorrow the Ogre (my husband) and I are headed to Bend for the Crossfit Garage Games. Woot woot! I’ll be spectating, not competing. Don’t you be getting your hopes up. A weekend sans the lovely brood, but with adult friends, who happen to also be paleo. I expect it will be wonderful. Have a great day, All!

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