The one week primal success story

So, my daughter turned 12 yesterday, but instead of going into detail about how incredibly wrong it is that time is passing me by like this, and that it can’t possibly be true, that she is 12 YEARS OLD, I will tell you the great story of my friend J, a newly converted Grok.

J and his family joined us for the birthday dinner. I already heard from his wife, S, that he was a different person now that he is primal… But what I experienced last night, was so awesome (for me!), that I find it worthy of sharing with all of you.

You see, J had high blood pressure at the tender age of 40ish and was put on blood pressure medication. J is also an Italian dude who likes his pasta and bread. In all the years of our friendship I was informed (in no uncertain terms) that there was no way on Earth, J would ever give up pasta. Pasta was a staple of his diet. Well… a little while ago, S (J’s wife) went gluten free, then primal. She encouraged J to go gluten free for the month of January, and asked him to read the first four chapters of The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. And because J is a good husband, he obliged… hesitantly… but heck, why not.

Last night, I met the new J… I met the guy who read three chapters of The Primal Blueprint, recognized himself to be Mr. Korg and decided right then and there, that he was done being Mr. Korg and ready to become Grok. He started about a week ago, after months of not feeling quite right. The guy was basically bouncing off the walls, as he was telling us, how great he felt. The man, who used to have the hardest time getting up in the morning, started singing in the shower, making coffee for his wife, feeling full of energy. He was beyond thrilled not only about not feeling the fog in his brain anymore, but also the fact that he could finally calm down… “My brain wasn’t going a million miles a minute anymore. This is so amazing.” he told us.

But what’s even more important, here is a man, who needed blood pressure medication to keep his blood pressure in check. Last night he said, “My blood pressure is now lower than it was when I was ON my medication.” Think about it… this happened within a week!! Can you imagine what’s possible over the course of the next few months?

We spent several hours with J and S last night… and most of our conversation revolved around this new way of life they had adopted and just how thrilled he was. And all I could do was sit and listen and feel excited and happy for them both. I saw both of them laugh last night like I’ve never seen them laugh before. What a great treat. It reminds me very much of the time, exactly two years ago, when it was me who was so thrilled and excited, that I wanted to talk about it non-stop. It really is thrilling to feel like a new and improved person.

No, not everyone will have the same experience… not everyone will feel the euphoria within a week…
But this story is real, and it is only one of many similar ones.

J may not be done eating pasta for the rest of his life. But I have a pretty good feeling that this former staple will become something of a treat in the future. In the end he and S will have to figure out for themselves (and for their children) just what exactly it is that works for them, and then go with it. And I’m excited to go along for the ride. 🙂

Got your own primal success story? Want me to write about it? Just let me know. I love these stories!!

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