Day 1 of the new year… and of a new Whole30

Happy New Year, dear friends. We actually did make it to 2013. No apocalypse, no disastrous end of the world. Although I’ll say, that vacationing in Germany has been disastrous for my health and well being.

It is January 1st, and the list of my symptoms is getting longer, which is why I am doing another Whole30, the 30 day challenge sponsored by Whole9.

As of today I am:

-storing water in my hands and feet
-growing an enormous belly (well… not enormous… but I hate my snug jeans)
-sporting some lovely pimples
-suffering from aches and pains in my joints
-feeling generally “un-clean” if you will

Time to put an end to the madness! Time for new beginnings! The folks at Whole9 are launching the biggest ever Whole30 today, and they provided a ton of information for anyone who wants it and needs it. I’ll say it right off the bat. This really is a challenge, and you need to really WANT to do it. But it can certainly be done, and with a little bit of preparation and a little bit of support, here, on my Facebook page, or on the Whole9 support forums, you’ll be on your way to a better, healthier you!

Having said this, I am still in Germany, and things are going to get a bit complicated in this house of non-paleos who think I’m a little nuts for eating this way. But with a couple of small modifications (I’m pretty confident that things will work out just fine) I’ll do just fine. I return home on January 5th to an empty fridge. I love that. 🙂 It gives me the chance to sit down, make a plan for the coming week, and buy only Whole30 approved foods.

And really, this is the one piece of advice I would give you, out of all the great advice you can find when starting a Whole30. Clean out that fridge. Clean out that cabinet. Rid yourself of the temptations that will ultimately make you fall off the bandwagon when you have a weak moment. YOU can do this! As will I. I’ll report here and on Facebook. And I invite you to join me.

Plus, there are a ton of Whole30 conforming recipes on We categorize our recipes by dairy and non-dairy for paleo and primal folks. There are thousands of recipes. Go and check them out. Make a list. Plan ahead. I can’t wait to get started!!

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