So this is how this feels

Yes… it’s cake… lots of it. And this is only one half of the shelf. We arrived in Germany a week ago. The land of bread, rice, pasta, and yummy cakes and pastries has chewed me up and swallowed me down. I pretty much gave in to the urge to eat bread for breakfast on the very first day. Then we went shopping, which for this poor little paleo girl, is like entering food paradise. I feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Actually, I feel like that big German kid, who fell into the chocolate river. I had no willpower left at all.

I walked past aisles of chocolate, potato chips, and gummy bears, and went absolutely crazy. At the Christmas market in Switzerland we ate bratwurst with delicious, crunchy rolls, and every morning we ate bread or baked rolls… of course with plenty of butter and honey, and with nutella. Speaking of which, German nutella tastes so much better than the stuff they sell in the US.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to slip right back into old habits. I didn’t even have any side effects to speak of. No stomach aches, no foggy brain… I felt fine. For a while anyway.

I was even a little disappointed, because I expected to suffer. If I suffered, then surely it would be easy to resist temptation. But I felt good, and I chose to ignore the snug jeans. This is a vacation. Three weeks of sugary, grainy bliss, then I’ll jump back on the bandwagon (which should be easy in the States).

Aaaaah, Dickmann’s, Milka, Rittersport, Chipsfrish….

Yes, I also ate delicious meals… duck, chicken, pork, red cabbage………….. and pita bread, french fries, potato salad, and all kinds of other delicious “vegetables”.

Every night there are plenty of sweets, wine, and tequila, and if it’s there, well, then you eat and drink and you don’t worry or care. You just enjoy.

A week into our vacation, I decided it was time to finally get moving. I desperately needed some exercise. My brother owns a rowing machine… I sat on it, starting rowing hard, and I was completely out of breath within five minutes. How was this possible? I’m a Crossfitter… I don’t get out of breath after five minutes of rowing. I tried push ups, squats, walking lunges, and I did not last ten minutes before giving up. Wow! I have not felt this rusty and spongy since… since I started my paleo journey two years ago!

So this is how this feels. This is how I felt on a regular basis. I don’t miss this feeling. I don’t want it! And here I am, in Germany, where there is much less obesity than in the States, and I find myself gaining weight and feeling like an old woman. I made the decision to limit my grains to once a day (breakfast), and really, how can anyone resist a yummy German breakfast with crunchy rolls and Nutella? I felt an immediate improvement in my well-being. But I must admit that my hips have been quite achy in the past week.

Nevertheless, it has been easier to work out, and I will continue eating like this for the next week that we’re still here. When we get back home, it’s back on the bandwagon!!
I am enjoying this wonderful trip, and I have no regrets. I have no feelings of guilt. But I am also looking forward to going back to my regular ways… It’s what works for me. I feel cleaner and better staying away from grains and sugar.

Everyone, have a very happy new year!!

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