Salmon Fish Sticks with Make Shift Tartar Sauce and Cucumber Salad

Check it out! Fried food… Paula Deen would be upset! Now, that she no longer cooks “unhealthy” foods due to her diabetes, I’m sure she would frown upon the sight of these.

Well, nobody around here frowned when we cooked up these fish sticks… and this is a little miracle, considering that we have a daughter who claims to hate fish. (She didn’t use to when she was little, but now she hates all kinds of foods… Maybe that happens when you’re 11?)

So, how did we do it? It was super easy!


Salmon filets cut into long strips
2 parts almond flour
1 part coconut flour
coconut oil (expeller pressed as to avoid the coconut taste)
eggs (for three salmon filets we used 2 eggs)

In one bowl mix eggs, in another combine almond flour, coconut flour, salt and pepper. Bread the salmon pieces… eggs first, then flour mixture. Heat a cast iron pan until it is very hot and add PLENTY of coconut oil. This is important. Since the coconut flour in the breading soaks up the oil, the fish sticks can easily dry out, so you want to have plenty of coconut oil in your pan at all times.
Cook the fish sticks for about three minutes on medium heat on one side, flip over and cook another minute or two. Depending on how thin you cut the strips, they’ll be done in as little as 5 minutes.

For the make shift tartar sauce (and yes, I know it usually requires lots more ingredients… which is why I’m calling it “Make Shift” rather than actual tartar sauce) we used:

homemade mayonnaise
pickle juice

We simply cut up the pickles into small pieces, added a bit of pickle juice to the mayo, then added the pickles. Stir it up, and done. 🙂 While it wasn’t real tartar sauce, it tasted delicious with the fish sticks.

Cucumber salad is a must have for my salmon. For that I used:

one cucumber
dill weed
red wine vinegar
onion (diced)

I thinly slice the cucumber, then made a salad dressing out of 1 tbsp vinegar, 3 tbsp oil, salt, pepper, and dill weed, added the diced onion, et voila, it was done.

This meal was quickly prepared and enjoyed by everyone! For picky eaters definitely recommended! 🙂

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