Back on track… in more than one way

You see that girl? Besides sporting her awesome OSU Beavers t-shirt she looks like she’s IN PAIN!! And indeed, she is! Her lungs were about to burst, her legs were feeling weak, and after each Kettlebell swing she felt like setting the friggin’ thing down and being done with this shit. 🙂

This girl is back! After months of excruciating back pain, I am back at my Crossfit box, and I’m loving life. Give me this kind of pain any day over the pain I experienced, when I lay flat on my belly on the living room floor, crying, because I couldn’t move.
The truth is, my back is not completely healed. And I’m not sure that it ever will. But it doesn’t matter, because I can work out, and that means the world to me. There really is nothing like this kind of wake up call to make you aware, that pushing yourself to the limit is great… but pushing yourself over the edge is not. Every time I walk into the box I check out the WOD (workout of the day) and try to decide what I can do and how heavy I can lift. This means that most of the time I’m scaling my weights. It means I’m stepping up onto the box with 20lbs instead of 50, I’m swinging 26lbs instead of 35, and I’m still doing single jump ropes rather than double unders. I no longer glance at the people I thought I was somehow competing with or trying to keep up with. I focus on myself. Already I’m gaining back some strength, and the feeling is absolutely exhilarating. I have been getting lots of support from my coaches and the other box members, and I appreciate the ability to work out more than ever before.

I’m also back on track in another department… the sugar department. I’m not even entirely sure what made me jump back on the bandwagon. I just did, one day about a month ago. It’s like I just stopped eating sugar treats. I did not stop eating treats though. I made coconut flour brownies, pumpkin streusel pie (twice), and pumpkin butter truffles, and I thoroughly enjoyed eating it all… in MODERATION! I did not experience the usual withdrawals after giving up sugar. It just happened. Yes, it probably helped that I got sick right then and really did not feel like eating anything at all. But even after Thanksgiving at my friend’s house and eating an unbelievably delicious pumpkin roll with powdered sugar, I didn’t fall off the bandwagon. I feel great, and I intend to keep it that way. Obviously I cannot guarantee that from now on I’ll be fine for the rest of my life. There is this Germany trip coming up December 17th, which no doubt going to take a lot of willpower, as everyone else will indulge in lots of German goodies. But my intention is to be good and to stay good… for my own sake. 🙂

So, nothing but good news from my world. How about that??? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back on track… in more than one way”

  1. Hi Ute! It's awesome to hear that you are back at it at the gym — and on top of the sugar situation! It's invigorating when it's all working out well.I hope you post about your adventures in Germany! That sounds amazing.

  2. Thank you, MC. 🙂 I will definitely post from Germany. should be fun… especially now that my mom is also paleo and will share in my cooking adventures.

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