So… how’s it going?

I should go into the forest more often. I love the lush, green beauty, the birds and squirrels, the fresh, clear air… and I love to be away from cars and people. And I always seem to find some answers there, when I’m by myself.

Well, as you have all noticed, I have completely fallen of my challenge wagon. This is not to say that I’m not cooking the recipes I said I would. I am. I’m just not reporting about them, because suddenly real life sneaked up on me took me by surprise. I fell into a hole of sadness and depression, with my injured back only being part of what brought it on. I think I may have a bit of a midlife crisis… before midlife. 😉 Of course, when things like this happen, there will always be situations and experiences that put it all into perspective. I had conversations with some really fantastic people this week, who have been struggling with their physical aches and pains for so much longer than I have, and who still celebrate each day. They refuse to be pulled into that black hole, and instead they push on and up, and find happiness in all kinds of places.

I choose to find happiness. And today this means, I find happiness in going swimming. I have been cleared for swimming and knee push ups yesterday. What a treat! I have not worked out in weeks, and the sheer thought of swimming laps has me jumping with joy. Okay, not really jumping, because I can’t jump right now. 😉

I would like to share a bit of information with you guys, too. Things I’ve read this week, that I think are important to know when you are a paleo or primal being.

First of all, thou shalt eat bacon. This is an article by Chris Kresser on nitrites and nitrates. So go ahead, have some bacon today. And enjoy every bite of it. Definitely a reason for happiness, yes?

Thou shalt not eat gluten  as explained by The Wellness Punks. Okay, the video quality is not great, and he walks around a bit too much for my taste, BUT it’s great information. Happy!!

Thou shalt keep on keeping on, another great one by Mark Sisson, whose website has been an absolute staple in my life since I started eating paleo. And here’s a quote from it, that I love.

Psychologists have examined the phenomenon of resilience as a varying characteristic among people. Some people, when faced with hardship seem buoyed by a sense of perspective and energy. They are more likely to get back on the horse while others struggle more intensely. Resilience appears to be a trait influenced by our individual brains themselves – our molecular mechanisms that process stress to be more precise.


Thou shalt read lots of great paleo blogs  for lots of wonderful motivation and recipe ideas and education. Lucky for you, Modern Paleo publishes the Paleo Rodeo every week.

And finally, in the spirit of putting things in perspective I played around with my camera to take a picture of this recipe. Yes, it means that you can’t see the Roast Pork Loin with Herbes de Provence very well, but I don’t care. 🙂

This was a great recipe. And we had enough leftovers the next day to make an egg omelet with diced pork loin, tomatoes and feta cheese.

Thank you, Mmmm Paleo, for a fantastic recipe!

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