Well, my friends, as you can undoubtedly see, I’m struggling. It’s not that I’m not cooking. And I’m cooking strictly FastPaleo meals, as I promised September 1st. But I’m not keeping up with posting recipes… and the reason for that is my achy lower back.

I’ve been dealing with this injury since July, but have just now found out what is really wrong with it. And the truth is, while I am going to heal, I feel angry and depressed. I have a great chiropractor, and he’s giving me good exercises to do at home. I have seen improvement, yes. But the truth is, after a one hour very easy, very slow walk with my family yesterday, I was hurting so much, I could barely walk anymore. I am starting to understand, that this thing is bigger than expected, and that my road to recovery will be longer than expected. Six weeks until I can start working out again… but not at the rate that I am used to. Low, low, low weights, easy, easy, easy WODs (for you non-Crossfitters, a WOD is the workout of the day). I am still not allowed to swim, and my chiropractor told me, we’ll talk about that again Friday. As for running… I can bury the dream of running any races for… well, a long time.

Yes, I’m a big whiny crybaby. So there!

On to better things now. See that picture? It’s a variation of Meat over Vegetables. I made some burgers, set them on some lettuce leaves, topped with mashed, salted avocado, pepperoncini, feta cheese and bacon. Friggin’ delicious!! It was, in fact, so good, that I made it two days in a row, and nobody complained about it. Sweet!

Last night I made a variation of Chicken Tortilla-less Soup. I still had some chicken left from the baked chicken I made a few days ago. I needed to use it up. And I really, really needed some soul food last night. This soup hit the spot, and because I only made a variation of the original recipe (speak, add all ingredients, cook, done!), it was done in about 25 minutes. Win win!

I’m off to clean my kitchen now, then the plan is to make Pumpkin Pie Muffins.

I’ll also post a week’s worth of recipes soon.

Have a nice day, Everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Struggling…”

  1. Hi Ute!Sad to hear the back is that bad! :(My only advices now is to:• try not to let it bring you down…it is what it is. Yes, it is unfortunate and unfair, but don't waste precious energy on thinking about how it could have been…you need your energy to be positive now, and focus must be on the future and how to get there in the best and safest way possible.• don't think about the things you can not do now, there's just one current goal right now, and that is to get yourself to the point where you can think about those things again (and that win is far greater than any other as it's a prerequisite for them!)• speaking from experience…the better you get, the easier it is to forget the rehab exercises (as you don't have the pain reminding all the time then)…don't do that. Plan for the exercises and stick to the schedule…building up the needed basic and supportive strength again goes way beyond the stage where you're pain free!• have patience, don't rush it. No matter how boring it sounds given the current situation, it is less important to get there soon than staying there long…Nevertheless, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick recovery and strong comeback!

  2. I know how you feel. I blew out my knee last March (2011) when I was in great shape, had surgery in July 2011, was told six weeks I'd be back to normal…only to find out the knee damage was much more extensive. Long story short it was a long, stressful year and I am still struggling with my fitness recovery. I missed 11 months of work, stressed about employment options if my knee didnt recover, fought workers comp every few weeks and spent way too much time in a waiting room.On a positive note, as a result of the injury I have rediscovered swimming and started riding a road bike. Once I discovered patience with my healing I connected with my now four year old daughter and wife in so many great ways. Baby #2 just arrived and I doubt we would have taken on a new adventure if we had not had this time to reflect, goal set, develop a balance in life…As crazy as this sounds, I noticed my knee felt better when I was chugging bone stock on a daily basis. Rich, thick bone stock.

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Ian. I'm trying my darndest to discover that patience. It's not showing up. I'm on a constant rollercoaster of emotions. Today is another really bad day, and I am barely able to move. I did go swimming (I used to be a swimmer), and realized just how bored I get doing it. Not a whole lot of other options available when your lower back won't let you. Oh, I'm whining… Thank you very much for your very nice words of encouragement.

  4. Well, I was just thrown back by several weeks. I am in constant pain. I am quite honestly havin a bit of a hard time being patient and focusing on the good. 😦

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