Monday Madness

Any moms out there? Of maybe two or more children? If so, this picture needs no further explanation for you. Skip right ahead to the recipes. 🙂

For those of you not in the know… it’s been one of these mornings. I love my brood, I really, truly do. I would not homeschool if it were otherwise. And most of the time, things are going well. Sure the kids have their little disagreements… sure, I get some preteen attitude from my daughter… sure, I sometimes wonder if my son’s addiction to Minecraft should be a concern.

But generally speaking, we have things figured out pretty well. And then, on some days, like today, they seem to want to send me to the loony bin. They are at each other’s throats like they’re worst enemies. The name calling and bitching and fussing and bickering knows no end. And no matter what I say or do is received with more bickering and fussing, with eye rolling, sighing, grunting, and tantrums. “Not fair!!!” Wait, is that them or me calling this?  I finally retreated to the “office”, closed the door behind me, and I swear I will hide her for the rest of the day. If I’m really quiet, maybe they won’t find me!

 Well, this morning I finally got around to making a batch of green tomatillo salsa. I really didn’t use a recipe. Just removed the husks from the tomatillos, cut them in half and put them in the broiler with a couple of serrano chili peppers. When they started turning a little brown/black, I turned them over, let the broiler do its thing for a few more minutes, and removed them from the oven.

I put everything into a blender with some salt, garlic, and lime juice, mixed it all up… et voila… it is finished. I love the sweet spiciness of this salsa. And it’s super easy to make.

I also made granola, which was supposed to be the Grain Free Pumpkin Spice Granola, then realized I don’t have half of the ingredients, so instead I mixed the nuts and raisins I had, added some honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, and baked it all on a cookie sheet at 300F for 30 minutes.

I will definitely try this again. Another day this week, after I get the ingredients I need.

Hope your Monday goes a little better than mine. 😉

2 thoughts on “Monday Madness”

  1. Hey, I'm also a homeschooling paleo mama to Minecraft addicted children. 🙂 All three of mine are nuts over it (the timer is currently going off so they can rotate whose turn it is.) I imagine we have to be a small segment of the population. 🙂

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