The Paleo War

Has anybody else noticed the paleo war that’s going on on the internet lately? Paleo against primal, primal against paleo, and paleo against paleo. After the first enthusiasm about this great new way of life has worn off, we now have a ton of paleo “experts” out there. Anyone who can create a blog shares their paleo wisdom. And because they’re all experts, they know of course just what exactly is paleo, what is not, and will gladly judge anyone out there who doesn’t do things just the right way.

Suddenly our paleo “community” is not so tight knit anymore. Suddenly one paleo dude is no longer good enough, because he’s not fit enough, because she’s not thin enough, because he drinks milk, and she eats cheese. More and more I find paleo internet “celebrities” having to defend their ways of doing things, so the mob won’t lynch them.

You see, I sort of get the criticism by the non-paleo crowd. They feel as secure and certain about getting everything right, as us modern cavepeople do. Of course they’ll defend their ways. And of course they’ll attack others. Heck, a vegan will not only attack paleo people, but every other diet that allows animal products. That is the nature of a die hard vegan. Period. πŸ™‚

What I don’t understand is the hostility among this “community” we are so proud of. I frequently find Matt and Stacy, the super sweet Paleo Parents defending who they are or why they don’t look a certain way. Hello!! Have you looked at their pictures? Have you seen the changes they’ve made and the amazing results they’ve seen? In my opinion they don’t need to defend themselves AT ALL!! Nor does anyone else who subscribes to this lifestyle.

The fact is, I don’t know anyone who went paleo who did not see positive changes in their body and minds. Weight loss, clearer skin, shinier hair, sounder sleep… the list goes on and on and on. Does it really matter that I like to drink wine? Are you really going to judge my friend who drinks raw milk? And if Peggy, the Primal Parent digs raw meat, more power to her. Who cares?
Paleo/primal is an amazing movement towards a healthier world.

I eat this way because it works for ME! I couldn’t care less if your paleo differs from mine. If you’re healthy and happy, then hoorah for you! Go eat your liver. I hate that stuff. Yuck! πŸ™‚

Have a great, peaceful weekend!

10 thoughts on “The Paleo War”

  1. Thank you! All this backlash is so counter-productive. Aren't we all working towards the same goal? Everyone is different, and their optimal Paleo is going to be different too. It takes trial and error to figure out good macros for yourself- not to mention what jives with your tastebuds and lifestyle and everything else. If you made changes and feel better, you're on the right track. The Paleo Perfectionists like to conveniently ignore the 80/20, which is a huge part of making Paleo do-able for most people, particularly when just starting out.

  2. Yes! I agree!I admit that before finding anything out about Paleo, I was against it. Why not? Weight Watchers was just fine, thank you very much. And I get that unless you really take the time to learn about Paleo/Primal, you're not going to be for it and just consider it a fad.But I get so irritated when people chastise others for cheese and dairy. Or a white potato every now and then. Some people don't have a problem with dairy. I myself don't, so I still allow myself cheese and milk.The bottom line, I feel like, is everyone is putting less processed, less chemically-laden products into their body. And that is good! THE END.

  3. I could not agree more! I am so tired of the less than friendly comments on recipes that scream, "this is not paleo!!!" when it includes dairy, regular potatoes, etc. I am relatively new to a paleo lifestyle, but it seems to me that it falls under the umbrella of eating whole, nutritious foods, and there are grey areas which peope can make personal decisions on that really still fall under that umbrella. And you know what, if someone wants to have a piece of sugar and grain-full (yep, that's a technical description LOL) piece of birthday cake on their birthday or enjoy a tall glass of Guinness every once in awhile, I don't think they should feel guilty or apologize for it! I don't understand why some people feel the need to label everything and insist that everything must fit rigidly under that label!I'm just enjoying feeding my body what it needs to function optimally, and that is certainly not the same for every person! :)Nissa

  4. I couldn't agree more!!! I've been eating Paleo/Primal for a year and a half–and the first messages about 80/20, making it your own is the path I have chosen to stay on–I have really struggled with all the 21day/30day cleanse 100% paleo challenges–I have failed 2 times at doing them–what I did realize is again this is about me–what makes me feel good or doesn't and getting back to the grassroots for ME! I have a long family line of diabetes and weight issues and high blood pressure–I am fairly certain that occasional fruit or latte or a glass of fine wine wasn't the cause–I think the roots of paleo are in the fresh–fresh whole foods as much as possible–eliminate the white and sugar—we all know the rules–but I'm for accepting what works and not judge others—I love Paleo and I love all the information that is available to us–Keep it coming- great work!!

  5. I was fairly ignorant to any 'wars' until a few weeks ago when a blogger I followed had a hissy fit on their wall. As many recipes and people I read, I really had no idea there were that many disagreements. I've been following primal/paleo for 8 months. I feel better, I look better, and I'm not looking back. I look forward to reading more blogs and finding more recipes to enhance my lifestyle. But so help me, if I find someone whining too much or blasting another contributor, I'll drop them like I dropped wheat. I already have drama at work–I don't want drama with my healthy reading material. –Elizabeth

  6. Amen!This post is spot on what I've been thinking about lately.I don't have a problem at all with disagreements in general, or those of different opinions that, in a friendly manner, brings it up for discussion with the intention to help. Actually I encourage that because I think it may help seeing things from different angles…and in "worst case" it's just a differ in opinions that is left as is with mutual understanding and respect.BUT, those that rain on other people's parade just to justify their own believes I have a really hard time with…and I'm sad to say I've seen a lot of that lately. One of the worst characteristics I know among humans is when people try to feel better about themselves by pointing out other people's "flaws", instead of striving to do better themselves!As a side note, the LCHF movement in Sweden actively chose to not set any official definitions of what LCHF is, only to avoid internal "wars" so that all energy could be focused towards questioning the conventional wisdom recommendations instead (unfortunately they did set a definition some year ago, but they were well aware of the risk).I believe criticism is a good thing, but it needs to be constructive….otherwise it's just plain old bitching and does not lead to anything good or positive.Best Regards, Peter(

  7. Haha…we come in all kinds of personalities too ;)But, since I wrote that I've been thinking a bit more…Wouldn't it be a great thing if all the different Paleo movement front figures and gurus wrote a "Paleo Community Code of Conduct" and also described the benefits of having a helpful, polite and friendly internal climate?Then blogs and websites could choose to have an "I support the Paleo Community Code of Conduct" badge (that links to the published guidelines/recommendations) to spread awareness and make a stand?And people could have it in their forum signatures etc…Just a thought…might mail a few of them to suggest it if things get worse.Have a nice day Ute!

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