Day 17… Brownies and Chicken Curry!

 Okay, is there anything better than dark chocolate and peppermint? I love the combination. I dig mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate mints, and now I also love Sour Cream Peppermint Brownies. This recipe was uploaded to FastPaleo by Cat at Things My Belly Likes.

Instead of using a 9×11 inch pan, I used my 8×8. This meant I had to bake the brownies for a good 20 minutes before they were done. What a treat!! As you can see from the picture, my daughter liked them too. Of course she also likes to pose. 😉

The Mango Chicken Curry is also a recipe by Cat. Sadly, I could not find any mangoes. So, instead I used pineapple, and because we don’t eat any rice around here, and I was way too lazy to make cauliflower rice, I added spinach to the mix. Spinach is my personal super food, that, in my opinion, goes with almost anything. I add it to shakes, eggs, salads, and lots of dishes that require something green… a little more substance maybe.

Anyway, the curry tasted great, and enjoyed every last bite. Guess what! No leftovers!! 😉

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