Days 12 and 13…

I was going to deliver this post last night, but due to my unsuccessful flying practice down the stairs and hurting all over, I chose to spend the rest of the evening on the couch watching TV instead.

I don’t even know why I fell. I slipped, and before I knew it I was halfway down the stairs. And because of my lower back injury (that takes forever to heal), I tried my darndest to break the fall by yanking my arm around the banister… Well, I broke the fall, but I sort of slammed into the rail, hurting my ribcage, then realizing this hurts like hell, let go of the banister and dropped to my butt, hence hurting my lower back… again. I’m not one to swear like a sailor, but last night I was pretty darn close. And this morning I’m hurting more than I thought I would. I am such a klutz.

Well, let’s get to the good part of this post. Except, I also forgot to take a picture of last night’s dinner. I knew sooner or later it would happen. I noticed right after enjoying my burger. Good fun.

Day 12 was 90 Second Tomato and Chicken day. This is a slow cooker meal that was submitted by  

While I wasn’t actually there to eat it, my family’s verdict for this super quick and easy slow cooker recipe was, “Mom, that was the most fantastic meal I’ve ever had.” Okay, so I feel maybe a little bit offended, because in the past years I’ve created some pretty flipping amazing recipes. This recipe was so easy, it makes me wonder whether I should go all out ever again. Heck, 90 seconds of preparation time. Not too bad! 
Also, I put the chicken into the slow cooker frozen in the morning! By noon or so we were able to pull it apart, and we shredded it just before eating it. We had the leftovers for lunch yesterday.

Day 13 we had the The B**** Burger, a recipe submitted by It was easy to prepare, and it sure looked delicious, but, and this is a very personal thing, dates and beef do not mix in my world. I have never been the sweet and salty kind of girl, and I think I’ll stick with that for now. 

A word of warning for the weekend… I’m going to take my kiddos to the beach… to a hotel. No kitchen available. It’s this summer’s last big hoorah in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m dying to test my new camera at the beach. So while I will prepare some kind of snack from today, I will not be cooking Saturday at all. Sunday night will be the next bigger dinner I’m cooking. 

2 thoughts on “Days 12 and 13…”

  1. Also der Burger macht mich nicht an, aber 90 second tomatoe and chicken…Das muss mal ausprobiert werden! An einem dieser Tage, wenn keine Zeit zum kochen ist, eigentlich. Und dann kann ich doch ganz schnell zaubern 🙂

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