Day 7… let’s not mention lunch, Southwestern Chorizo Burgers for dinner

Holy Shit!! My mouth is on fire, my nose is runny, and the wine is making my throat burn. I made Southwestern Chorizo Burgers tonight, which is a recipe by the fabulous Paleo Parents. Now, I’m sure this recipe is absolutely delicious… IF your chorizo is not fire breathing spicy! You know, funny thing is, as I stood at the meat counter at the store, I noticed the “mild” version for chorizo and thought, “What the heck. We’re tough. We can handle it!” and bought the regular stuff.

I made the burgers without the eggs, because I had three eggs with bacon this morning, and there was no way I was going to eat eggs again! (Sorry for the sucky picture by the way.) I did add diced tomatoes, and for a side we had sweet potato fries.

I sat down for dinner excited about tasting chorizo for the first time ever. And then a fire was ignited in my mouth, and my children were simply unwilling to even give the burgers a try. Good thing we had hot dogs and bacon. I cooked up some dogs and bacon, and they happily devoured that with the sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Even our almost vegetarian guest enjoyed the meat. 😉

The husband liked the burgers, and he ate three of them. I guess he’s the really tough guy in our family, having grown up on what my father-in-law proudly refers to as “real Mexican food”. As for me… I WILL try this again some day… using the mild chorizo! That’s right, I’m a big old baby.

Well, this was week 1!! Only… oh… well, lots of weeks to go. 😉 You have an idea for what I should try from Comment here or send me an e-mail to ute at fast paleo dot com.

Going to refill my wine….

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