Day 4, fast food for lunch, pizza for dinner

Ugh, I admit… I broke down and took my boy to eat burgers… with gluten free buns of course. I saw my chiropractor this morning and simply didn’t care to cook lunch. Burgerville, the preferred fast food joint of Portland, opened a new location right down the street from us. And with my little birthday coupon of $5, the food became almost affordable. Yep, my birthday is coming up. Woohoooo! I feel tempted to bake a birthday cake. 🙂

Soooo, to honor all fast and comfort foods, I made pizza, using the pizza crust recipe, which was submitted to FastPaleo by The Unrefined Kitchen. I topped it with tomato sauce, cheddar cheese and ham and pineapples, because I absolutely LOVE Haiwaiian pizza!!

Well, what can I say? This pizza crust is absolutely amazing, and if I didn’t know any better I’d probably make it about once a week. But, because I am a good cavegirl, this shall remain an occasional treat in my family. The pizza tastes fabulous, and you can eat it with your fingers. NO SILVERWARE REQUIRED! So, as soon as the next rainy, icky, must-have-comfort-food day comes around, this is the recipe I’ll find in my little homemade cookbook. 🙂

Since I have your attention… just in case anyone missed it… there is a CrockPot recipe contest going on at You could be the winner of one of five available really, really cool CrockPots, if you submit a CrockPot recipe right HERE! The contest runs until Saturday. The 5 winners are announced MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10… (my birthday!).

Full details on the contest can be found HERE! Good luck!!

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