Day 3… Picnic for lunch, Whole Lemon-Garlic Chicken for dinner

Day 3, Labor Day… It was another gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of blue skies and sunshine. And because it was beautiful and warm, we had a quick and easy picnic for lunch. Tomato salad with slices of turkey, hard boiled eggs, and pickles (because we all love pickles around here).

For dinner I made my friend Peter’s super delicious Smoky Whole Lemon-Garlic Chicken. Oh, what a treat!! The recipe was super easy to follow, even though it’s missing instructions on what to do with the other half onion and the garlic. But I’m sure, he’ll fix it just as soon as he reads my review. 😉
Well, as for me, I added the garlic to the butter mix. Then I sliced the second half of the onion and spread it across the chicken, then baked the whole thing. The chicken came out tender, and absolutely amazing.

As a side I cooked asparagus in a cast iron pan. I used bacon grease and splashed a little balsamic vinegar on it, then simply cooked it on medium heat until it was nice and soft. The perfect addition to the chicken. Nom nom! What a great way to end a perfect day!

Thank you, Peter!

4 thoughts on “Day 3… Picnic for lunch, Whole Lemon-Garlic Chicken for dinner”

  1. Holy crap! …kinda important to mention what to do with the garlic for a "lemon/garlic chicken" huh? ;)(can't believe I missed that!!!)Anyway, you understood the recipe correctly and did exactly what you where supposed to do with the garlic (ie add it to the butter mixture)! :)As for the other half of the onion…well, there is no intended use for it really. Think I must have specified "1 onion" thinking "you need one onion to get the half". :)Though, I think your use of it is smart indeed…that will absolutely give flavor to the fat you're scooping over the chicken. And if it doesn't get burned while cooking you could use it as a side. :)I'll update the blog post right away! (Probably need your help to modify the FastPaleo post though?)Really, really, happy you liked it Ute!!! Thanks for a great review and the heads up on the needed corrections!Have an awesome day!

  2. Hey, nice to see your comment here. 🙂 Well, it really was a very delicious chicken, and I will definitely make it again someday.Yes, I will update the recipe for you on FastPaleo. That's no problem at all.I think I'd write 1/2 onion if that is what is needed in the recipe. LOL Otherwise you might have your readers looking through the recipe 5 times just to make sure they're not missing anything. ;-)My gosh, I'm sitting here, early in the morning, smelling the delicious chicken stock brewing in the kitchen. Yum!

  3. Really happy to hear it! :)In all excitement from seeing my recipe cooked I forgot to say it looks great!! :)Yep, it's a frequently re-occurring dish in my house aswell…the best thing about it is that once you're familiar with the procedure you can flavor it with whatever you've got at home…haven't faild me once so far ;)I've updated the instructions on the blog, so there shouldn't be any doubt in what to do with the ingredients now, so you can just copy the instructions and update the recipe on FastPaleo (ie you can leave the ingredient list as is), thanks for helping out! :)Like that you use the remains from the chicken to cook broth aswell! That's the way to roll! ;)Have a good one!

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