Recipes for week 1: Saturday, September 1 to Friday, September 7!

See that crazy smile? That’s about how I feel today, as I’m compiling a list of recipes for my first week. These past few days I’ve heard people say all kinds of things to me, ranging from “Wow, you’re ambitious!” over “Cool. Can’t wait to hear all about it.” to “Well, you’ve finally gone and lost your mind.”

Why, yes, I have! And that’s why you all love me! πŸ˜‰ Okay, maybe not. But admit it, you kind of like me. Okay, don’t answer that.

So, here is my list of recipes that I will cook during this first week. You’ll notice there are recipes for real meals, and then there are some for snacks. Around here we need those snacks. It’s what makes my kids stay on the paleo track. Besides, I really love to bake and prepare snacks, so we all benefit! And now, without further ado… my list of recipes for week 1!

Ground Beef Stroganoff, a recipe that was posted by

Curry Lime Chicken Wings. This was posted by

Southwestern Chorizo Burgers, posted by

Smoky Whole Lemon Chicken, posted by my friend Peter at

“Pizza Crust” Pizza, because we all really loved this. It was posted by

Merlot Braised Beef Roast, posted by

Chicken Tortilla-less Soup, a recipe by

That’s the main dishes! Now for the snacks!

Avocado and Banana Muffins… dying to try these! Posted by http://

Paleo Granittle “Cereal” , which is of course no cereal!! Posted by!/meghan.watkins.50

Paleo Macaroons with Berry Conserve. I love macaroons! Posted by

Okay, now, after reading this list, check out the picture on top. πŸ˜‰ Good luck to me, I guess!! 

3 thoughts on “Recipes for week 1: Saturday, September 1 to Friday, September 7!”

  1. Am I blind, where is the shopping list? Make it easy to get on the same track as you are. Have fun cooking, I hope you have the skills required to make the magic happen.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I only posted a picture of me holding my shopping list on my Facebook page. πŸ™‚ I don't think you'll actually need my list. But all important posts will appear right here on the blog.As for the skills… so far nobody has complained. πŸ™‚ But we shall see. Thanks for visiting.

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