Paleo Bread 2

I wanted to post here saying what a great experience I had with Julian Bakery and their bakery, and how much I love their bread, even after having been doubtful in the beginning.

Unfortunately, this is not the story I am going to tell today. I placed my order for the coconut paleo bread on July 18. I received my order confirmation and noted the little remark that the breads don’t ship until about 2 weeks later.
When I still had no bread August 4, I contacted customer service, inquiring about the status of my order. My e-mail was left unanswered. I waited.  Two days later an e-mail confirmation was sent. The bread had finally been shipped.

I received the bread on August 13. It was moldy, as can be seen on the picture. Another e-mail to customer service was left unanswered. It took an e-mail from James at for Julian Bakery to finally respond.

“We bake and ship orders fresh and they arrive within 2 days. We did have a small batch of bread go out without Apple Cider Vinegar so some loaves spoiled quickly within 2 days.”

 Clearly, the bread was not shipped two days before I received it, as the shipping confirmation was in my inbox almost a week before the bread finally did arrive.
I was given an e-mail address for a specific person who I was told would help me.

I contacted her on Thursday of last week asking for a refund. I received a reply Monday. Sadly no apology, simply the request to send her my full name and order number. She immediately took care of the refund, which I was informed of on Paypal today. I am happy to report that not only did I receive a refund for my bread but also for the cost of shipping. After everything that happened, this was a positive surprise.

The verdict? I’m sticking with making things myself. No hassle, just a little more work. 

3 thoughts on “Paleo Bread 2”

  1. It doesn't help that the post office has slowed things down in order to preserve jobs–we're only getting mail deliveries 3 days/week now. If they mailed it via USPS, it probably sat in some warehouse somewhere.

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