"It Starts With Food"

I could start my quick review by saying just one thing:

“Best Paleo book ever written. Buy it, read it, live it.”

                            THE END

Yes, I like It Starts With Food that much! Sure, I’ve read Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Lauren Cordain, and various other authors, and some of them I didn’t care for, and some of them I loved. Robb Wolf was by far the most challenging read. I had to translate a good number of words. His knowledge and scientific explanation are unbeatable. Period!
Sisson’s evolutionary approach to the subject, written in delightfully simple English, made complete sense to me.

But it was the Hartwigs, who wrote a book, that sounded so true, that really struck a chord, and that had me turning the pages until the very end, without ever getting tired of what I was reading. What makes this book so different from what I’ve read so far, is that it focuses on your relationship with food. “Must. Eat. Sugar.” is a phrase (three phrases, if you count the periods) that could have been invented by me. With a bit of a tough love approach Melissa and Dallas eloquently explain, why you’re addicted to sugar, and how to beat your addiction. They have the science to back up their claims, and they offer a solution, and a plan.

You will not find any sugar coating in this book, and if you’d like to take the “ease into it” approach to Paleo, then you’ll be disappointed here. In this book you learn how to jump in head first and learn how to swim.

They explain exactly how much protein, carbs, how many fruits, vegetables, and fats you should eat in each meal. They offer advice on getting the family on board, and yes, at the end of the book you’ll find a number of recipes. You’ll learn what oils are good, bad, and ugly, and why to stay away from grains, legumes, and sugar.

But besides all of the educational “stuff”, I really, really enjoy, how each chapter is reasonably short. Everything is explained so easily, in fact, that children will have no trouble understanding. As a matter of fact, I read the comparison on satiety and satiation to my 11 year old daughter, and not only did she understand the chapter, it also made sense to her from a science standpoint (they used Prime Rib and Oreos as an example… Perfect!).

It Starts With Food, in my opinion, is a must read for every Paleo newbie… and everyone who has a somewhat challenging relationship with food and could use a little help getting past their issues. 🙂

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