Paleo Margarita, Baby!

If you’re Paleo, you likely have heard of the famous NorCal Margarita… Mr. Robb Wolf’s Nor Cal Margarita, to be specific. What goes in it?

Tequila (100% agave!)
Club Soda
Lime Juice

I dig that stuff… It’s delicious, and way, way, way better than any of the sweet margaritas I’ve ever had in the past.

It’s a particularly hot in Portland, Oregon today. At 97F us fair skinned Oregonians are not really sure what to do with ourselves. Drinking margaritas sounds like the perfect solution to this problem. Of course, it just so happens that TODAY I am out of limes! But, I’m resourceful! And so I created my own version of the NorCal Margarita…

What goes in it?

Tequila (of course)
Club Soda
Juice of one small grapefruit (that nobody in this family seems to be interested in eating)
As many pieces of watermelon as you like

Mix it all together, and I’m not going to tell you how much of everything you should add… and ENJOY!
This is, by far, the best Paleo Margarita I have ever tasted, and so I shall call it Grokette’s Melonita!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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