Halfway? No way!

Okay, so things are good. Really good actually. I got thinner. I sleep well. I have lots more energy at Crossfit. And of course, what’s most important, I really do not crave the sugar.

And so, I was able to bake these super delicious cookies for my kids without eating even one of them. Granted, I did lick my fingers when I got some batter on them and decided… I did, after all, have to make sure that the cookies were going to turn out just fine! Yum!! And yes, the kids loved them too.

But you know what sucks? Being invited to a birthday dinner, and being confronted with wine, chips, and other goodies. Now that it’s summer, and the sun is here to stay (for a while), there is nothing quite as delicious as a glass of wine with my grassfed steak. I hated to watch my friends enjoying their beverages, while I sipped on a glass of sparkling water. And this is not a matter of being addicted to the stuff… But it does confirm that food and drink have become so much more in my world than nutrition. The pleasure of enjoying these things in a social setting is big, and I really don’t like to miss out.

Oh well, 15 more days of this… I suppose at the end of 30 days I will be proud of myself for challenging my body and mind and for sticking with it. Enjoy your glass of wine tonight. I’ll be sipping some water…

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