Day 6 of my Whole 30 Challenge

Wow! I woke up this morning after a ridiculously good night’s sleep. It was almost like I closed my eyes and then opened them again, only it was 7.5 hours later, and I felt rested and ready to go. This makes me incredibly happy, because there really is nothing quite as wonderful to me as a great night’s sleep!

Overall I feel healthy and strong. The headaches are gone. My digestions works great.

I still have some cravings for sugary things. Not overwhelming by any means. Last night we were invited to a Name that Tune party, and even though part of me wanted to grab one of those delicious looking gluten-free brownies, the bigger part of me chose not to give in.

It was a little more difficult with the wine and tequila. Although, in all honesty, it wasn’t so much my own cravings for an alcoholic beverage, as the wish to enjoy said beverage with everyone else in the room who drank. I found this to be an interesting sensation. Wanting a drink because others had them. But, well, I resisted, and ultimately I was glad I did.

Today, I’m cleaning my garage with my Ogre husband. I should have plenty of energy for that! Tonight, we’ll eat baked chicken. Yum!

Have a happy day!!

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