A Paleo Staycation…

Well, dear paleo friends, it’s been a while, and I apologize… just in case you actually missed me. 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of writing on my second book and had to finish up a “school” year with my homeschooled kids by putting on our annual summerfest. What a great success.

After a few crazy weeks, Ogre and I decided it was time to take a vacation, only we made it a staycation, as Portland and its surrounding area is simply too beautiful to ignore it. Of course, as you know, if you’re paleo, things are always a little more complicated, when you order food. But, considering the circumstances, I’d say, this trip was all around an awesome experience.

We started our little journey at the Crystal Hotel in downtown Portland, where the staff is friendly and courteous, and the restaurant will gladly accommodate your needs and wishes. I ate eggs, baked in a tiny cast iron can. They mixed in creme fraiche, and boy, was it ever delicious. They did charge me for substituting fruit for bread, though. No like.

I will not waste much time talking about the Bonneville Resort in Washington. We were unimpressed with the room, the staff, the service, and most definitely with the mediocre food at horrendous prizes. Thanks, but no thanks. We cut that visit short and decided to go back to a McMenamins…

The Edgefield is another great place outside of Portland. If you know and love McMenamins’ artwork, you’ll appreciate this place a lot. What you’ll also love is their menu and their willingness to work with you when it comes to food needs. And if you like the occasional potato treat, their cajun tater tots are to die for and gluten free. Big plus! Also, this time they didn’t charge us for wanting fruit instead of bread. We thoroughly enjoyed the wildflowers and their beautiful vegetable garden. And you cannot leave the Edgefield without soaking in the fairytale like saltwater soaking pool. What a treat.

The next day we decided to try yet another McMenamins hotel, but on our way there we stopped in NE Portland at the Cultured Caveman  for beef cheek chili, rainbow fries, and kale salad. What a treat! Not only are the owners super friendly and fun to chat with, but their food is absolutely delicious. Don’t expect huge sizes! But do know, that you will be treated to a delicious meal there. Well worth a visit, and it’s so nice not to have to worry about ingredients. You just dig in and enjoy. Yum!

Our final destination was The Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. It’s a little like the Edgefield, although not quite as awesome. Still, we enjoyed our food, wine, and the friendly staff… and of course the artwork, that we’ve come to love so much. I got treated to an amazing half hour foot massage, and that right there is heaven to me!

What I loved about all three McMenamins locations: when I ordered my NoCal margarita and asked for real lime juice (not the syrupy, sugary stuff some bars sell you), I was assured that they always use real limes. Only downer at the Edgefield… they charged an extra dollar for the lime. Still, the service was great, and the drink tasted delicious.

We’ll do another staycation eventually, and I do think we’ll have to give the various other McMenamins location a try. I managed not to gain any weight during our time away, and I allowed myself some special potato treats. I came home wonderfully relaxed and felt quite pampered the entire time. It’s good to be home and get back on track. I do love my own cooking. 🙂

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