Paleo people get sick? Inconceivable!!

The Paleo Boy is sick. He has a very deep, mucus-y cough, and yesterday he threw up three times. Paleo Boy never gets sick. And in his almost nine years of life, he has never thrown up. I kid you not! Because of this fact I took him to see a doctor, who listened to his lungs and said something about possibly beginning pneumonia, and prescribed an antibiotic. Ugh!!

Twenty four hours later, you can hardly tell that the boy is actually sick. He’s running around the house, eating well, and he really wants to go back to his homeschool classes. Yes, he’s still coughing, but I have my doubts about this pneumonia thing.

As I’m watching my little boy recover, I am once again faced with the doubters and nay-sayers of the paleo lifestyle. I was confronted on Facebook by someone, with just enough Schadenfreude, to put me on the edge of my seat, ready to bring out my claws, about whether it was even possible for us unbelievably healthy paleo people to get sick. After all, our way of eating IS the ultimate way to nourish our bodies.

Reality check: Paleo people are still just people. We still get sick… not quite as often maybe, but if the world around you drops like flies, chances are you’ll eventually pick up a virus of some sort. However, and yes, I keep track of this in writing, the duration of our sick days have decreased dramatically. When one of the kids got sick before (mind you, it was never more than once a year… for Paleo Boy even less than that), and it took about a week, it now takes between 48 and 72 hours for them to fully recover.

Last time I got sick with a stomach flu, amazingly, I was still able to eat protein and some greens without my stomach revolting. Within a few days, I was back to my good old self.

My wonderful friend, Shady Lady, whose friendship means so much to me, shared a jar of bone broth with me. Bone broth is not pretty… but boy, that stuff is potent. It’s jelly, and mixed into other foods, it cannot even be recognized. Paleo Boy (and the rest of the family) gobbled up the hidden bone broth, like it was a fantastic new elixir for eternal life. šŸ˜‰ And they asked for more. We also got some yummy water kefir “lemonade” for added pro-biotics. Needless to say, I am convinced more than ever, that, what we’re doing really works. Paleo Boy has made a real effort to be at least 80% paleo. He understands the concept of this lifestyle, and he supports it.

No, I do not force them to cut out the candy altogether. My rule is this: the meals I cook are strictly paleo. But they are free to spend their allowance on any candy they choose (which Paleo Boy has not done yet). I also allow them to eat non-paleo foods at other places or restaurants. And so, my little boy, who asked me countless questions about this, has decided, that paleo is the way to go for him. My daughter is not far behind, also she is more of a rebel. But I digress…

My point is of course, that us paleo people are no super-humans. We are not immune to a mean old virus. But when we do get sick, we heal quickly, and we don’t relapse. Or we have not relapsed so far. šŸ™‚

To be continued… šŸ™‚ (as the next “dis”EASE will certainly strike one of us eventually)

2 thoughts on “Paleo people get sick? Inconceivable!!”

  1. I have to admit, it's been a really long time since I've been sick. And yes, people have been dropping like flies around me. I certainly don't think I'm immune to disease, but there may just be something to this Paleo thing!

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