You’re not REALLY a caveman…

The lovely creature to your left is called a caveman. You can tell by his fancy suit, the pretty necklace, and the tool he’s carrying. He’s also quite muscular, despite the fact that he never really saw the inside of a gym.

Caveman (GROK):
-did not live in a house
-did live in a cave or small hut of some sort
-did not use a stove
-did use fire (at some point)
-did not eat burgers and fries
-did eat meat, organ meat, brains
-did not eat corn on the cob
-did eat fresh fruit and greens and vegetables when available
-likely mated with a bunch of hot cavechicks

This lovely creature is a modern “caveman”.
You can tell by his short hair, sexy, muscular body, and uh, tool he’s carrying swinging.

Modern caveman:
-wears pants
-lives in a house or apartment with a toilet and running water
-most likely eats meat that was killed for him
-eats burgers and turnip fries
-probably has eaten corn on the cob before but because he’s a good modern caveman he no longer does.
-he possesses a stove, an oven, dishes, and other modern tools
-likely mates with just one chick and calls her his wife

(Disclaimer: I do not know this man, nor whether or not he’s married or eats grains, sugars, and corn on the cob)

So, next time someone tells you that you can’t possibly live and eat like a caveman, you tell them they are absolutely correct. And add to that, that you don’t really WANT to eat and live exactly like a caveman. You simply try your very best, with the support of modern science, to go back to the roots… 21st century style.
Now, is that so difficult to understand?

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