Paleo… It’s complicated

I don’t even know how to start this post. It has been 14 months since I started my paleo/primal journey. During those 14 months I’ve learned so much, I could probably write my own book. It would carry the title: The Basics of the Paleo Lifestyle… Made easy! Because, if there’s one thing that it’s not, it’s easy.

Wait, what? (I hear you mutter…) Didn’t you say that eating paleo is easy, because really, all you have to do is eat meat, vegetables, and fruit? Why yes, that’s what I said. But well, it doesn’t stop there of course. Because once you get into the whole paleo movement, and what certain things will or won’t do to your body, you might find yourself obsessing a bit about what you REALLY should eat, and what you have to stay away from you, because it might kill you! Fortunately, then you are bombarded by paleo gurus with responses and explanations, and all is well in your world.

Or is it, because a new study suggests, that you are just fine eating as much fruit as you want, when you just recently read, that fructose is the enemy.

Can I eat rice? Nope! Wait, yes! But only white rice, because it’s easier to digest. Stay away from that terrible brown stuff!

I am sooooo confused! Better have one of those paleo brownies I just made. With honey instead of sugar. But, what is it, I hear? Bees are force fed HFCS! So, my brownies are now filled with crap? Off I go, to buy a gallon of the good, local, raw honey to put my mind at ease. My first batch of brownies made with happy chicken eggs, only the finest coconut oil, the very best coconut flour, and raw honey are right now baking in the oven! Hooray for me!

Or… not? What? I should not eat brownies, because how dare you call yourself paleo/primal while eating all of this junk!!

See? It’s complicated! And who can blame those who vote the paleo diet as the worst diet ever? So, why stick with it? Why am I continuously going through the trouble of reading and cooking and reading and cooking… and revisiting my decision… and all?

Well, here is finally something that’s easy to answer. It works. I am happier, healthier, lighter. My husband and children are in better shape. Our moods have improved. My kids have no wheat bellies. And I can say with good conscience, that I choose good foods… sustainably grown, humanely treated, and ultimately so much better for my health and longevity.

Easy peasy!

7 thoughts on “Paleo… It’s complicated”

  1. I saw your post while searching material against Paleo (though I am not a Paleo especially on weekends) but I couldn't find any unhealthy part of Paleo in your post. I wanted to find whether it is unhealthy or not but you have mentioned your own frustrations. When you start follow anything, there will be restrictions.

  2. Thank you for your visit. 🙂 You are correct when you say, that there will be restrictions. However, there is a difference. When you stop eating grains, because you are convinced that they mess with your gut, then this is not a temporary thing. Any other diet out there is temporary. It has a beginning and an end. I will never stop eating this way. After reading several books on the subject, and after looking at the world around me (have you noticed lately how many people are sick and obese?), I know, I'm doing the right thing. :)Paleo is not unhealthy. What makes me say that? Well, what can possibly be unhealthy about meat, vegetables and fruits? I'm not eating cereal that had to be fortified with vitamins because it is otherwise an empty food. I eat foods that humans have been eating since before agriculture. 🙂 So far the only "anti" Paleo reasons I have read are opinion based. I haven't found a single study that supports any of the claims that conventional wisdom will have you believe.All the best to you.

  3. Came across your post and laughed out loud!! Its so true. My sister is eating paleo as well but loves baking so has been baking up a storm of paleo-ish treats. We have debates about whether its really paleo, but how can you turn down baking! I love reading other people's experiences. Thanks for writing.

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