3 thoughts on “15,000 Fan Giveaway”

  1. Hey Ute, I keep checking for a new post, hope you're still inspired to write more about your Paleo life.A quick question too – I just started training on my treadmill, not for anything other than regular exercise, and I was wondering about shoes. As it is I don't wear my runners and find that my feet get tired and sore pretty quickly. Should I be wearing something on my feet for cushion or is it better that I'm not? I figure since you run actual marathons, you might have some insight. Thanks. 😀

  2. Hi Sheri,I keep wanting to post… and then I don't. But I will soon.As for the shoes, it depends on the individual. To me, the more minimalist the better, because it makes me run as if I were barefoot, hence my knees won't be impacted. If you just started on the treadmill, it is completely normal, that you feel worn out quickly. Give it time. A couple of minutes more every time. Don't overtrain… or you'll get injured. You don't want that. 🙂 Take it easy, and just keep going. You WILL get better consistently.Again, you can do whatever you want on shoes… but if you can stick to something less rather than more, I think you'll ultimately come out the winner. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much. I guess I'm doing okay, I do increase my time by a couple of minutes every other time I'm on the treadmill. It seems to be working. And no worries about overtraining, I have no desire to push myself too hard. I'm just enjoying the feeling of getting my body moving, especially during the winter when I'm indoors and more sedentary than usual. 😀

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