Sick cavegirl…

It appears I have the flu (or whatever it is that a lot of people casually refer to as the flu even if it isn’t). I am tired, have a headache, upset stomach, low grade fever, a swollen lymph node in my armpit, and cooking eggs for breakfast felt like a workout at the gym. I ended up breathing like a horse, broke out in a sweat, and had to find a seat. And that’s where I still am now.

I spent the entire day yesterday in bed, with the exception of frequent bathroom breaks.

And yet, with everything that’s wrong, I can’t help but look on the bright side of it all. Unlike years ago during sickness, I am eating several servings of protein with a small salad or an apple with almond butter. Surprisingly, my upset stomach doesn’t revolt against the food that enters my body. Quite the opposite: shortly after eating, I feel a burst of energy, that allows me to take care of basic needs, as my family is out and about, giving me time and space to heal.

Today, I still have a fever, but I don’t feel as weak and miserable as I know I would have, if I still ate a Standard American Diet (SAD). I’m letting the fever run its course instead of interfering with ibuprofen or some other painkiller. I realize it may be a luxury to just sit and wait it out. So I do consider myself lucky. I am optimistic, that within a couple of days, I will be my good old self yet again.

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