And so it begins… once again…

December 2010. I’m on the right.

It was in January of 2011, when my good friend, Barb and I went for a run together. I mentioned casually that I was considering go low carb for a while, because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’d run endless miles without much success in the weight loss department. I’d been sticking to a “healthy” diet (haven’t we all heard that before!), and my weight wouldn’t budge. Well, actually… it did go up every now and then, and especially around the holidays. Can you spell “Sugar Coma”?

Back to my early morning run with Barb. She listened to my little rant, and then recommended I should give the paleo diet a try. It’s not like I hadn’t heard of the paleo diet before. A mere three months before, my best friend “Shady Lady” (that’s her blogging name) told me she’d like to try the paleo lifestyle. I looked at her like she’d gone insane and told her that was just crazy. And because she didn’t have any support, she quit after a few weeks. Well, on that cold January day, this paleo “thing” sounded a lot more reasonable. It made sense!

I went home, got on the computer, and googled. And I went to Mark Sisson’s website, where I didn’t just find valuable information on eating like a caveman, but I also read hundreds of success stories. Wow! This paleo lifestyle might not be a bad idea after all, I said to myself, and started that day.

July 2011

Don’t get me wrong… the first 14 days were hell. I suffered through the carb flu, wanted sugar, wanted bread, struggled with headaches and occasionally told people that I’d go and “get my car from the phone”, all while looking frantically for my keys that I was actually holding in my hands. But day 15 came around, and suddenly I felt like a new person. My energy came back, and not just that… I felt great! Three months later I ran a half marathon 15 minutes faster than the one I’d done a year before. And another month later, I ran another half, yet another 15 minutes faster.

Yup, I had a very excited husband, when I looked like this.

I lost 30lbs! I could sleep! I was finally regular! And what’s even more wonderful than anything else: I did not crave sugar at all. It was great.

And then, the holidays came around, and with it several parties, wine, sugary treats (sugary German treats in particular), and I thought, what’s wrong with cheating a little for just a month. I cheated. Almost every day. I even started eating certain gluten products again. And of course, give a sugar addict some sugar, and she’ll want more of it. By New Year’s Eve, this cavegirl was starting to gain weight, experienced weird hip pains, and craved sugar every day.

Time to go back to the roots once more! I started the new year with a 30 day challenge. No sugar, no dairy, no alcohol, no processed foods, certainly no gluten. I’m back. I’m on Day 6 today, and if it wasn’t for the flu (the actual flu, not the carb flu), I know I’d feel fantastic. Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Have a happy day! For more posts from me on my old blog, go to Such Lovely Freckles

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